What Does It Take to Fight a Revolution? The Real Motives For Removing Weapons From The General Population

In order to stage a successful revolution there are certain things a partisan army would need to see it through to the end. You need dedicated, motivated personnel with the proper training to wage war. You need a safe base of operations to reconstitute your supplies and to provide rest and medical attention for your men. You need weapons and munitions to wage war. You need supplies to maintain the fighting for the duration of hostilities. You need transportation and communications to control and shape the battlefield. You need a large segment of the population that is supportive or passive to your actions. A tyrannical government would try to hold on to power by any means necessary. Lets look at some things from a pre-revolutionary point of view and see where the U.S. stands.

Amateurs talk of strategy while generals talk of logistics. Without supplies, there can be no fighting. An army needs food, weapons, ammo, clothing, medical supplies, communications, transportation and freedom of movement to conduct successful operations. Without these things it is difficult to win the day.

The attempt to disarm Americans over the years could be seen as an attempt to take one of the primary items needed to fight and preserve freedom by the people. The singling out of assault weapons over the years for bans would provide the federal forces an edge in any engagement. The attempt to tag propellants used in ammo would make tracing the origins much easier to cut off any potential supplies. The fact that violent crime has dropped as gun ownership has increased begs the question, what are the real motives for removing weapons from the general population? Tyrants don’t like people that can shoot back.

The attempt by the government to stop the home production and stocking of food can be seen as an attempt to prevent a food supply chain from becoming active should hostilities break out between federal forces and local partisans. The GM foods created by certain firms that are destroying heritage crops can be seen as another way to control local food production by forcing people to buy GM seeds that can be controlled through distribution. The use of drones recently to keep track of cattle herds in the west and the proposed laws to force small farms to tag livestock like large firms do, would provide a means to track local food sources that might be provided to partisans.

The actions by the government to eliminate health foods, vitamin supplements, alternative medicines and home cures can be seen as an attempt to prevent the production of local medical supplies to support a partisan army. In a prolonged fight the use of disease is an effective means to eliminate hostile persons. Without any form of medicine to fight disease, many would become incapacitated or die.

The creation of a control grid to track movements and locations of people may be an attempt to prevent safe havens where fighters can consolidate and coordinate actions against an enemy force. The increasing use of drones over the U.S. would present difficulty to fighters attempting to move unobserved around a potential battlefield.

The destruction of the currency and the march towards a cashless society allow government watchers to determine what you may be up to based on your purchases. Credit and debit transactions can be scrutinized almost immediately and the use of discount cards allows your purchases to be analyzed to determine if you may be stocking up on certain supplies.

The continued development of vehicles with black boxes that can be tracked and even shut down in some cases would limit rapid, undetected deployment of partisans on the battlefield. The reformation of gasoline has been said by some to contribute to premature destruction of older engines which would necessitate the purchase of newer vehicles. Many localities have been trying for years to remove older vehicles from the highways to force people to use newer vehicles , all of which are now computerized.

The increasing control of communication systems by intelligence forces within the government would provide interception of signals and prevent the timely dissemination of information around the battlespace to hamper partisan operations. The attempt to take over the internet by government and to monitor and control the flow of information would eliminate an effective communications tool to individuals. The elimination of voice and text abilities during recent protests around the world indicate governments are aware of this technology and its usefulness to dissenters. The ability to track cell phone users and even listen in without the owners knowledge, even when the phone is not being used, provides a very useful intelligence resource for governments.

The off shoring of our manufacturing base has led to the reduction of textile and clothing plants which dotted the countryside in the past providing a supply of clothing to local inhabitants. The advent of RFID tagging could be used to track certain types of clothing to persons of interest in a hostile environment. Clothing that must be imported can be tagged in ways that might be impossible if it were made locally.

The current government uses every means to divide and turn citizens against one another which foments hate and suspicion. The new see something, say something campaign by the feds is a clear indication they are fearful of local partisan activity and mean to coerce people to their side by any means necessary. The recent executive orders and laws that have been passed have sections that could easily be interpreted to mean you are aiding a terrorist if you fail to report something. This could be meant to eliminate the passive element in the population.

And how about dedicated, motivated individuals who know how to wage war? We now have millions of trained veterans that have an ax to grind with the feds. These people have been wounded, have difficulty getting medical treatment and have been accused of being potential terrorists by the government they fought to defend. They have a high unemployment rate and don’t readily accept any excuse for failure. A group like that has what the military calls, capabilities.

This article has merely been an exercise in identifying the necessary logistics required in a revolutionary environment and to asses their current condition based on government actions, but it does pose a great number of questions about modern life and government operations in this country, doesn’t it?

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