The Anti-System Money:Those that do not pay attention to the warnings and take some responsibility for their own lives will suffer for it and they will have nobody to blame but themselves

When the next round of money printing and interest rate reductions happen, those that are tied to the bankers economic system will begin their fall into a black hole they will never come out of. As long as you are tied to their system you are at their mercy and have no way to protect your wealth. They know this and use this power to steal your wealth from you in a variety of ways.

The only way to fight this system is to operate outside of it and utilize your own system. When you control how you store your wealth, you deprive them of their ability to steal it. They can only take that which is under their control. Wealth stored outside of their control is relatively safe from them.

When your money is stored in a bank, in bonds or stocks and you must utilize their financial system to convert it and move it from one place to another, they control your wealth at every point. They can freeze your accounts, shut down their system or even take your funds outright and there is little you can do to stop them. They can limit your access to your money at any time.

Even when you can get your funds they can track everything you do with them and can use that information against you at any time. When you operate within their system your life is an open book and all pretense of privacy is gone.

When you hold your wealth in your own hands outside of their system, they cannot track it, steal it, devalue it or prevent you from accessing it. Even with physical cash you are still operating within their system. This currency can be superseded or devalued at their will. That is why you need money that is universally accepted and out of their control. The only money that they cannot control is physical gold and silver.

When you hold your wealth in gold and silver you control it. You can use it where you want, when you want and it does not matter what the bankers want. As long as they have no access to it, they cannot take it from you. Your purchases are between you and the seller and nobody else will know.

When bankers control the currency and the means of transfer, they control what you can do in society. This becomes even more of a problem when you start talking about crypto currencies, electronic payment systems and Chinese style social credit systems. When they control your ability to access your wealth, they control you.

The economic system is in the final days of the current fiat currency system. When it collapses it will wipe out all of the savings and much of the wealth that most people think they have. They will lose all of the debt encumbered assets they currently have when they lose the ability to continue their payments. Most people will be left homeless and penniless and will welcome the governments intervention and do as they are told in order to get the things they need. They will become serfs and fall under the total control of those in power.

Those that have their wealth in gold and silver and own all of their assets free and clear will not be as desperate and willing to give up their freedom. Those that are secure in economic terms and relatively self sufficient will be able to maintain a good quality of life and resist selling themselves into a new type of government slavery. Real money and self sufficiency mean freedom to live your life on your terms not on someone else’s.

The current rise in precious metal prices shows the globalist banking system is failing and this time will be the most massive fail in history. Those that wish to survive this coming global depression can take some very simple steps to insure they survive it in tact. By owing some gold or silver you can get your wealth to the other side of this event and have something to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. By owing a small piece of rural land and a small cottage on it you will have the means to take care of your family when others are homeless. By providing your own power and food you can remain in good condition even as the rest of the country is suffering.

Keep in mind that the less you need to spend, the less you will need to earn. This is critical when jobs and income are hard to come by. Having as little as twenty to fifty ounces of silver in your possession during this time will be worth a great deal to you during and after the crisis. You can build a cottage with as little as five thousand dollars in materials that will provide you with good shelter and land can be found in most states for under five thousand dollars at this time. Setting yourself up to make it through the hard times to come does not have to be expensive.

Most people are too busy working and living life to pay attention to the problems we will soon face and that will cost them in the near future. Those that do not pay attention to the warnings and take some responsibility for their own lives will suffer for it and they will have nobody to blame but themselves

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