Deep State Globalist Communists – An Outsider Will NEVER Be Elected Again

by “Modern Throwback”

Our Problem Is Not Just ‘Professional Politicians’

Prepare and brace for impact.

It’s the Deep State control over America and the world. The globalist communists are trying to take it all NOW, and they’re desperate to get their plans into full action.

My opinion is that with the powerful, seditious forces operating semi-secretly within and outside of the government, a ‘regular Joe citizen’ just won’t stand a chance getting to office if We The People vote that way.

Ken adds: This was in response to a comment suggesting that more “normal people” run for office. Though I believe in the fundamental notion, I also believe that we are indeed “too far gone” at this point. We’re rapidly heading towards a tipping point that’s going to shape the future, one way or the other.

The voting machines and the election process have been breached and corrupted, giving all advantage to the Demo-Communist Party now. As we know, the media has co-opted polls, studies, parts of the voting process, etc. Would a ‘regular Joe citizen’ have a chance?

Ken adds: No. No chance. The far-left-controlled media shapes/forces the narrative to such an extent that will never allow a “Trump” type (non-member of the political elite) to ever get elected again. It has become exceedingly and blatantly obvious how desperate they now are (all of them). And this is going to end up in a very dangerous place in my view.

And what if it COULD happen? What if a ‘lesser man’ than Donald Trump became President? Is there any way that a ‘regular Joe citizen’ could withstand the forces of the Deep State?

How about those professional politicians who are Conservative — who could take the extreme, constant abuse? Or dare I suggest worse — an inside-job to assassinate a future President that wasn’t a Demo-Communist?

I can only think of a few people who could handle that amount of wickedness, among them, Devin Nunes or Jim Jordan. Neither of them have put their hat in the ring…

Latest Coup Attempt | What’s Next?

As this latest coup against President Trump and the White House unfolds, I have been wondering what is next.

What if the Deep State leaders have other nefarious avenues to ‘attack’ President Trump and America? They won’t stop unless they are brought to justice (through trial or death). So what is next?

What if…

What if a large scale chaotic event is planned? Might the Deep State arrange to pull-the-plug on the electric grid in certain cities? What if the Deep State arranged a nuclear ‘event’ at a power plant?

Treasonous and Evil Deep Staters

From Obama and Clinton, to John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, John Podesta, and on down the line — each of these Deep Staters have proven that they are treasonous and evil.

We have seen how these evil-doers have weaponized a number of government agencies/agents: IRS, DOJ, FBI, State Dept, Dept of Ed, etc.

We have the information on many of the conspiratorial activities that the above-mentioned people have been involved in. They’ve been rather quiet lately, but yet here we are witnessing yet another attempted coup against President Trump.

It appears that there are some revelations coming forth from the IG’s Report soon. I have thought the timing of this second coup to be remarkably coincidental to this upcoming IG Report…

If They Fail To Destroy Trump

If these Deep State operatives fail to destroy Trump with this second coup attempt, would they be so determined that they would create more chaos and use a direct ‘assault’ against Americans?

Would they be capable of creating one-more-catastrophy to push many Americans over-the-top? My answer is YES.

Stage Is Set For Civil War Version 2

The Deep State has set the stage for Civil War version 2…all that’s needed is that tipping point to detonate their evil plans. Even the Fourth Turning speaks of that ‘tipping point’ — that point where the norm turns and is unable to quickly recover.

These people are so wicked, and so desperate, nothing NOTHING would surprise me.

Ten years ago, this would be nutty, tin-foil hat talk. Not any more.

As I’ve said before, prepare and brace for impact.

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