Neither FEMA or Any Other Governmental Agency is Prepared to Take Care of You In the Aftermath of a Major Crisis. I Lived In A Post-SHTF World For 3 Years, And This Is What I Learned

Editor’s note: This article was written by Maybell Nieves, a professional physician from Venezuela.

As a professional physician having always lived in a big city, I never imagined that at some point in my life, the social and economic situation of my country, Venezuela, would lead me to learn and use survival skills that I had read about but never even thought of applying.

Without being in a declared war or a formal armed conflict, we have experienced different situations of chaos for about 10 years in Venezuela. But in the last three years, the country has become a true SHTF scenario, where the only way to move forward is to learn how to survive.

I feel that the lack of food, clean water, and, at the lowest point of the situation, electricity, has given me new skills that have undoubtedly prepared me for any catastrophic situation.

After three years in this contingency, I can now share every situation that took me by surprise and the techniques I had to learn by doing.

There is no such thing as “too much” stored water

Water is one of the most important resources we need for life. Unlike other supplies, it is not interchangeable with another product, and to be ingested, it must go through a purification process.

I have never been prepared for a water shortage before. Now I know it is important to keep water stored safely in closed containers. If water is not drinkable, it must be purified before ingesting it since contaminated water can cause serious gastrointestinal diseases.

Water is not just for drinking but is used in many other activities, such as cooking and cleaning, so I had to learn some purification techniques that can be done at home.

One of the most popular techniques to decontaminate water is to boil it for three minutes. Purification tablets are also very useful, not that expensive, and easy to use.

Adding five drops of chlorine per liter of water as an emergency measure is another way to clean the stored water.

Grains are my friends

To eat properly, it is necessary to consume proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The moment I realized that animal protein was scarce—in addition to the fact that the electricity problems spoiled it—I had to investigate the nutritional content of other foods in order to keep myself well-fed.

Lentils are grains that are easy to store, non-perishable, and high in protein. Together with a cereal like rice, they make a complete meal that keeps us well-nourished and in good health.

Let there be light: candles, matches, flashlights, and batteries

After spending more than four hours without power, I began to worry. I had some candles saved, but I did not know where they could be. I also had a couple of flashlights, but I had removed the batteries to prevent them from being sulfated.

Candles and matches must be in several easily accessible places. Likewise, the batteries should be in the same place where the flashlights are kept, and we must be sure that they have a charge.

During this year, the country suffered the most serious electrical crisis. In several areas, there were blackouts of up to five days.

After a couple of days without electricity, the candles will not be enough, so learning to make oil lamps becomes a vital skill in this situation.

The lack of electricity can lead to a state of anguish that grows with the passage of time. It is important to do everything possible to minimize that effect.

Be prepared with medicines, but it’s better to learn from nature

Due to my profession, I am always very attentive about keeping basic medications, such as anti-inflammatories, analgesics, and antibiotics, in the cabinet.

When I had to live in an SHTF situation, my medical supplies became insufficient, and I couldn’t find any in the pharmacies or they were too expensive. So I had to learn a little more about natural medicine, its uses, and its benefits.

I must say that this is one of the most important things I learned during that time.

Many anti-inflammatory drugs and synthetic analgesics damage the stomach mucosa as a side effect. In situations of stress, there is a large production of acids in the stomach, so using drugs that further damage this organ is not the best idea.

Roots such as ginger and turmeric are excellent anti-inflammatories. They are easy to get and easy to store. Likewise, garlic is a potent analgesic.

In the case of presenting wounds or cuts and not having antibiotic ointments, honey, ginger, and cloves are foods that have scientifically proven antibiotic properties.

Chamomile and lavender are natural relaxants and help fight stress and insomnia.

No matter how big the supply of medicines we have, it will always be more economical, favorable, and easy to store the natural product, with equal and, in some cases, greater effects.


Banks have made life easier for us with the use of debit and credit cards. However, there are situations in which having a lot of money in the bank does not help much, and I learned it the hard way.

When there is an electrical fault, despite the fact that light and other electrical services have been restored already, the digital communication of the points of purchase become so affected that it is impossible to buy anything in this way.

For this reason, I understood that it is always important to keep some amount of cash for this type of contingency.

Take advantage of any time you get to replace supplies

Although during those years I did not have to be locked in a bunker without being able to leave, the feeling of confinement was quite similar. When, in spite of having the money, you can’t find what you need to eat or, despite having a private vehicle, you can’t move for lack of gasoline, the situation becomes desperate.I understood that in those moments in which there was an opportunity to replace the supplies I had at home, especially water and non-perishable food, I had to do it.

The situation in my country has improved. Although still not at the best economic and social level, and with many problems of scarcity and lack of some supplies, society has been regularized.

However, I appreciate the years that taught me these valuable lessons that I still apply.

The most important thing I learned was to be prepared for when an SHTF situation strikes again.

Trump’s Executive Order to Manipulate the Minds of US Schoolchildren

Trump signed an executive order that aims to manipulate the minds of young children.

“We will state the truth in full, without apology (sic),” he said, adding:

“We declare that the United States of America is the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on earth (sic).”

If bipartisan US hardliners get their way, education at all levels may resemble Nazi Germany and Israeli indoctrination of children.

After Nazis gained control in 1933, the infamous Nuremberg Laws followed.

Education featured indoctrination and loyalty to the Reich. It laid the groundwork for wars to come.

Scholar Louis L. Snyder witnessed Nazi rallies and practices firsthand.

He explained that “(t)here were to be two basic educational ideas…”

“First, there must be burnt into the heart and brains of youth the sense of race.”

“Second, German youth must be made ready for war, educated for victory or death.”

“The ultimate purpose of education was to fashion citizens conscious of the glory of country and filled with fanatical devotion to the national cause.”

As one of the world’s most militarized societies, Israel resembles Nazi German.

It’s notably by indoctrination through education, waging wars on Palestinians and neighboring state, along with mandating military service as a rite of passage.

Militarism is fundamental in Israeli society, young children brainwashed to be warriors.

Starting in pre-school, it continues through higher education.

What’s ingrained in young children at an impressionable age sticks most often when becoming adolescents, youths and adults.

When I attended public schools long ago, teachers taught and children learned, preparing me and many others for higher education and later life.

Historically in the US, local authorities determine educational policy, not the federal government.

The 10th Amendment was the basis for making it a function of individual states and local communities.

Nationwide, local school districts decide on how it’s to be financed and administered.

Until the 1960s, the federal government had virtually no role in setting policy.

Since then, it’s been involved in fostering equal access to education, along with safeguarding constitutional rights of students and teachers.

While not constitutionally protected it as a universal right, the 14th Amendment safeguards it against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or disability, or ethnicity.

Federal funding of education also plays a role in its content. Funds can be advanced or withheld based on whether local authorities stick to federal standards.

Trump’s EO establishes a so-called President’s Advisory 1776 Commission.

It’ll be charged with “work(ing) to improve understanding of the history and the principles of the founding of the United States…”

According to remarks by Trump weeks earlier, he’s opposed to truth-telling works like Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States — what he called “left-wing indoctrination,” adding:

We will “reclaim our history, and our country, for citizens of every race, color, religion and creed.”

He and hardliners surrounding him want children, adolescents and youths brainwashed in the American way — its mindset ingrained into their consciousness by sanitizing the nation’s history.

They want an obedient population for easier control.

Samuel Johnson called patriotism “the last refuge of scoundrels.”

Thomas Paine called dissent its highest form. So did Howard Zinn.

When governments ill-serve, exposing wrongdoing is vital.

It takes courage and involves sacrificing for the greater good.

It includes risking personal harm and welfare.

It means doing what’s right because it matters.

It reflects patriotism’s highest form.

It’s not what Trump and other US hardliners have in mind by his EO.

Their ideas are more akin to the USA Patriot Act that trampled on the Bill of Rights — eroding fundamental freedoms, not protecting them.

Each new US ruling regime advanced things toward greater totalitarian rule.

Perhaps over the next four years, remaining freedoms will disappear altogether.

The Civil War Has Begun -Thousands Of People Protesting The New World Order Lockdowns Descend On London Demanding An Immediate End To The COVID Restrictions

Thousands of protesters descended on the British capital on Saturday to call for an end to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on businesses in the UK, which they described as a form of “tyranny”.

If you want to have riots calling for social justice and burn down whole city blocks, that seems to be allowed. If you want to have violent anti-Trump rallies, that seems to be allowed as well. But if you dare to hold a protest against the New World Order, the COVID lockdowns, or the massively lopsided system that punishes good and rewards evil, they come for you and force you to disperse. Truly the dystopian world envisioned by George Orwell in ‘1984’ is coming true to a degree that might even surprise Orwell.

“History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – George Orwell in ‘1984’

People seem to be waking up and that’s a good thing, the global elites are indeed attempting in this crazy year of 2020 to bring in the New World Order, and they are using COVID lockdowns and a forced social justice agenda as the sledgehammer to accomplish the mission. But in order for these much-needed protests to be truly effective, governments all over the free world need to be brought to s standstill under our leaders begin to listen to the people. The people in London who protested are on the right track, but I fear it may wind up being too little, too late.

FROM BREITBART NEWS: In a Breitbart London exclusive video, protesters were seen singing: “I would rather be a human than a slave”, “We are the 99 per cent”, and “You can shove your New World Order up your ass”.

The ‘Stop the New Normal’ march was organised by the anti-lockdown activist group Stand Up X and was one of the largest rallies against the government’s coronavirus restrictions since the beginning of the lockdowns in March. The large scale act of civil disobedience followed more restrictions being imposed on the people of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, as well as the introduction of a ‘tier system’ by Prime Minister Boris in England, in which local regions and cities are placed under lockdown if spikes in coronavirus cases are recorded.

At around 4 pm the police in London began using tactics to split the protest into separate groups and made at least 18 arrests in Trafalgar Square and on Westminster Bridge. One woman told Breitbart London: “I’m so angry, all these police that are storming in, they’re going to lose their pensions. They’re supposed to be protecting us, they’re not, this is tyranny.”

“I cannot believe in this day and age, in this time now, more than ever we need to stand together, and if people can’t get together and get united for the cause, for their freedom, for everybody, then we’ve lost already,” she said. “I don’t understand, if your children are not the motivation to fight for your freedom… my grandfather and my grandad did not fight in the First World War and the Second World War as snipers to not be under a fucking dictatorship, for it to happen now in 2020,” she added, going on to urge the rest of the country to “wake up”.

In footage shared online, police were again seen physically confronting the anti-lockdown protesters, with one man wearing a ‘Make Britain Great Again’ hat being thrown to the pavement.

In contrast, the police took a hands-off approach to a large-scale protest against police brutality in Nigeria, that was led by Black Lives Matter activist and self-described Black Panther, Sasha Johnson. Another protest organised by the Stop Trump Coalition — which saw around 50 people gather in Parliament Square to protest against the American leader as well as the prospect of a trade deal between the UK and the United States — was not broken up by the police either. READ MORE

Now The End Begins is your front line defense against the rising tide of darkness in the last Days before the Rapture of the Church

Top 10 Guns To Buy During a Pandemic

Americans have an obsession with guns according to left-wingers, and that’s pretty normal, considering what the Second Amendment in the Constitution reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

What the left conveniently forgets on a regular basis is that any form of gun control is not constitutional, but let that go for now.

The thing about gun control is that it doesn’t work, and if you want to test this theory, just put a sign in front of your house that reads Gun Free Zone, and see if it becomes the safest in the neighborhood. I’m just kidding, but it’s common sense, really, that criminals don’t care about laws, because guess what: that’s why they are criminals in the first place.

And this is the reason the vast majority of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones, that basically become victim disarmament zones. When private citizens are allowed to defend themselves, especially in concealed carry states, violent crime decreases dramatically, because after all’s said and done, an armed society is a polite society.

I bet you didn’t know it, but violent crime and gun control laws are pretty much correlated, as in the more gun control there is, the more violent crime occurs, and you can check that out in states like California, Illinois, New York, etc.

After this short introduction, let’s move along and follow the current news cycle. Enter SARS-Covid19, and what do you know: despite the lockdown, Americans are buying guns like there’s no tomorrow. There’s an old saying in rural America: when in doubt, buy a gun! All jokes aside, according to various reports in the mainstream media, more than 2 million guns were purchased last March alone, most of them in Illinois, followed by Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and California. To put things into perspective, this represents an increase of 1.1 million guns compared to sales figures from the same period of time, March 2019 respectively.

There were also reports from various gun shops all across America about supply issues due to the gun-rush and all that palaver. The last time Americans bought guns in such a crazy manner was in December 2015 as the Obama administration hinted at restricting what the mainstream media calls assault rifles following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA. Why are Americans buying lots of guns now, you asked? Well, this is anyone’s guess really, but there are a few reasons for that: first, preppers don’t trust the government, hence with the lockdown and all that, if SHTF, a breakdown in law and order is to be expected and then it’s every man for himself. In this regard, guns are self-help survival tools by any definition.

Another reason would be the fear of the general public of Big Brother further infringing on gun rights, now with the pandemic eroding civil rights via dictate and all that. Basically, Americans fear that the US Government may become tyrannical, as per the Declaration of Independence actually, and they are taking precautionary steps.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.

Again, this is common sense, but it’s interesting that many Americans bought their first gun during the Covid19 pandemic, and the vast majority of the 2 million have been handguns, as opposed to long guns/rifles.

With all these in mind, let’s get a little bit technical here: According to, the most popular (as in best-selling) handguns last year were the ATI GSG 1911, the SIG P320 M17, the legendary GLOCK G19, the RUGER LCP, the RUGER GP100, the AR556 RUGER, the COLT M1991 (.45 ACP obviously), the small frame revolver S&W 442, the sub-compact RUGER LCP, the GP100, the AR556 RUGER and, finally, the S&W 442.

As per rifles and shotguns, we must mention the BUSHMASTER XM-15 QRC, the S&W M&P-15-22 SPORT, the lever-action MARLIN 336,  and the classic MOSSBERG PATRIOT and 500. Now, if you’re looking to buy a gun for self-defense, it’s important to learn how to choose the best tool for the job so to speak. Obviously, the most popular guns are probably the best and/or the cheapest, but popularity alone is not a good enough reason to buy gear.

When it comes to guns for home defense, handguns come to mind first; you should choose based on reliability, overall quality, accuracy, ease of use, and capacity (magazine capacity). Stopping power is also important in a self-defense situation, and here the caliber of the bullet comes into play. Popular wisdom tells us that a .45 ACP is way more effective than a 9 millimeter in terms of stopping power in a handgun; however, it’s worth mentioning that the FBI and police departments all across America switched to 9mm handguns in 2015.

One big advantage of owning a 9mm handgun is that it comes with a larger capacity magazine compared to, let’s say a .45 ACP. We’re talking about a 15+1 or 17+1 magazine in a 9mm handgun, compared to a 7+1 or 9+1 capacity for a .45 ACP, and yes, that counts in a shootout, especially if you consider that police officers have a 28 percent hit rate. As in, when under fire, you tend to miss a lot, and having more rounds would definitely help; 9-millimeter rounds are also cheaper, so you can spend less money on practicing, which is another advantage for beginners. Finally, a 9mm gun has less recoil than a .45 ACP, which means more accuracy. A .45 ACP is a slower round, yet it has more penetration power, even if the energy is dissipated very rapidly. Regardless of what you choose, just practice a lot and you’ll do fine, regardless of the caliber.

Here are my top ten guns for defending your home, pandemic or not, in no particular order:

  • Beretta M9. Caliber: 9mm, capacity 15+1

This is incidentally the sidearm of choice for the US Armed Forces, and it’s pretty obvious that the military uses good gear. The gun is light at 33.3 ounces and has a cool 3-Dot Sight System for acquiring a target. The M9 is very accurate out of the box, comes with a reversible magazine release for both left/right-hand users, and has a sweat-resistant grip.

  • Glock 19 4th gen. Caliber: 9mm, capacity 15+1

This is a legendary handgun, and the golden-standard in the industry, being hugely popular due to its robustness, efficiency, simplicity, and ease of use. The Glock 19 comes with rough-textured frames for amazing grip and interchangeable backstraps, being capable of operating in all weather conditions with industry-leading ergonomics and performance. The gun comes with 3 magazines and enlarged reversible magazine releases.

  • SIG SAUER MK25 P226. Caliber: 9mm, capacity 15+1.

This is Navy Seals’ weapon of choice. Do I need to say more?

  • SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD. Caliber: .45 ACP, capacity 7+1.

Yes indeed, this is a lower capacity handgun, but it’s super compact, which makes it great for concealed carry, it’s a proven performer and features a 5.3” fiber-optic sight radius for fast-tracking and a factory ported barrel and slide, with a barrel length of just 3.3 inches.

  • RUGER 1707 GP100. Caliber: 357 Magnum, capacity 6

This is a classic six-shooter with a 6-inch barrel and super-accuracy provided you’re taking your gun-range lessons seriously.

  • Colt 1911. Caliber: .45 ACP, capacity 7+1.

This is a classic handgun, proven in action in the last 100 years, and making for one of the most reliable home-defense tools out there. The 1911 model is big and heavy, and features a dual spring recoil system, being a man’s gun par excellence.

  • Glock G23. Caliber: .40 S&W, capacity 14.

This is the ideal all-rounder, being incredibly compact and easy to carry around, and the weapon of choice for many law enforcement officers, due to its reliability and proven knock-out power.

  • Charter Arms Bulldog. Caliber: .44 ACP, capacity 5.

This is one of the most formidable concealed carry choices you can make, being hugely reliable, proven in action since 1975 and boasting immense stopping power for home and/or personal protection, while being relatively easy to carry.

  • CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL. Caliber 9mm, capacity 18+1.

This is another excellent home defense gun, especially for first-timers, due to its huge capacity, and side in frame design, which provides excellent recoil management.

  • WALTHER PPQ M2. Caliber 9mm, capacity 15+1.

Walther is a legend in the gun-enthusiast community, being a global leader in producing dependable/high-quality guns. This is arguably their best handgun yet, with an ergonomic grip and one of the smoothest triggers you’ll ever find the stock in a gun.

This concludes the article for today. If you can’t decide on what to buy just from what you read on the internet, I would advise you to take a trip to the nearest gun range, rent and shoot a few models, then make a choice based on personal preference, budget or what have you. Stay safe and happy hunting.

Getting Back To Grandparents: 9 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most Of Us Have Forgotten)

When you look at the technology boom of the last century, you could say that we’ve come a long way. We’ve eradicated diseases, made international travel and communication possible, and come up with all sorts of gadgets to make our lives “easier.”

​While all of this technology may seem like a good thing, it is having the disastrous effect of making us utterly and completely dependent on it.

Considering how unreliable all this technology is, our dependency on technology is putting our very survival in jeopardy.

At any moment, a solar flare from the sun could occur and cause an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would take down the electric grid and everything it powers.

Don’t think it will happen?

It has already happened several times throughout history! Back then, it didn’t have such an impact because people didn’t rely on electricity.

Or maybe it won’t be a solar flare, but rather a mega drought which destroys the agricultural system and economy along with it.

Then what will you eat?

​Even in local disasters like a hurricane, your life could be put at risk because of something asinine like not knowing how to navigate without your GPS.

​These 9 survival skills below are examples of things that we all used to know and practice in our everyday lives. Remember, there was a time when people were self-reliant and didn’t depend on a chain of systems to get them though.

The Lost Ways is a far–reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like people did when there was no food-to building a traditional backyard smokehouse… and many, many, many more!

​And also remember that, YES, it is possible to regain this self-­reliance and take control of your own survival.

1. Gardening

In 1900, only 13% of the US population lived in urban areas. The rest lived mostly in rural areas and many worked as farmers. Today, half of all people live in cities and the figure is expected to grow.

In the cramped living conditions of cities, it is no wonder that people have stopped gardening. For them, food is something that you get at the supermarket and not pick from the ground.

​To urban dwellers, growing a garden might seem like a simple or even fun task, with the hardest part of it being all those weeds to deal with. But gardening (at least in a way which will actually produce you a substantial amount of food) is actually a task which requires vast amounts of knowledge.

​Here are just some of the things you need to know to grow food effectively:

  1. ​Soil conditions
  2. Crop rotation patterns
  3. Pruning
  4. Composting
  5. Sun exposure charting
  6. Seed germination
  7. Planter building
  8. Pest control
  9. Tool care and maintenance

In a SHFT situation where food is a commodity that you can’t get at the supermarket anymore, you will wish you knew these skills so you could produce your own food.

Better to start learning these skills now than when your life actually depends on it!

​2. Raising Animals

We’ve all heard the stories about the farmer having to get up at the rooster’s crow to milk the cows and feed the animals. Raising animals won’t just teach you responsibility (which is one trait our great grandparents definitely had more of than us). When you are responsible for animals, you learn everything that goes into caring for a living creature.

​You will get really good at working with wire for all those times you need to make repairs to the fence – a skill which will come in handy if you ever need to string barbed wire around the perimeter of your home for a SHFT defense system.

You will get really good at diagnosing and treating animal diseases – a useful skill for when no doctors or medicines are available.

​You will get good at building coops and pens — a skill that you can apply to building a survival shelter in Bug Out situations.

​3. Hunting

In 2013, an Austin-based startup created an “auto-aim” rifle which automatically locks onto the target and tracks it. Whether it is a goose flying in the sky or a deer bounding away, you are guaranteed to get a hit. This is yet another example of how technology is destroying our self-reliance.

​Hunting used to be a common pastime, and many schools even had hunting clubs and the students would bring their rifles to school and keep them in their lockers (good luck getting that started again in our schools!). Yes, there still are plenty of people who hunt, but the numbers have dwindled.

​Even the people who still do hunt today don’t do it in the way that our great grandparents did. Hunting usually means setting some bait, climbing into a watch tower, and waiting until a deer comes around to take your shot.

​By contrast, our great grandparents hunted by staking out animals – a skill which required them to be very familiar with animal habits and tracks. They could walk quietly and undetected through the woods and patiently wait for the right opportunity to get a shot at a large prize.

​Along with hunting with rifles, our great grandparents also knew how to set up snares to catch smaller game.

In a SHFT situation, it is these snares which will probably be most useful for survival.

Unlike rifles, snares don’t require any ammo, they don’t make a loud noise which will give away your location, and are more likely to get a catch since small animals are found in greater abundance.

Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This – WATCH THIS VIDEO and you will find many interesting things!

4. Preparing Meals from Scratch

FEMA recommends that everyone keep a supply of non-perishable foods like dry beans and flour in their homes in case of a disaster. The irony of this is that many people have absolutely no clue on how to prepare these dry foods. 

As for the 50lbs of flour that some people have stockpiled, I hope they like eating raw flour – because it takes some knowledge to turn flour into bread!

​Processed foods make up approximately 70% of the American diet, and only a small percentage of Americans are cooking at home. When they aren’t eating fast food or take out, they are eating frozen dinners and meals which came from boxes.

Our great grandparents didn’t have 45 different types of frozen lasagna to choose from. Heck, they didn’t even have supermarkets, never mind freezer sections!

They make food from scratch out of necessity, and it was nutritious and wholesome without needing any fancy ingredients.​

​5. Preserving Food

Thanks to our complex food storage and distribution systems, we can have foods like bananas and cucumber year round – never mind that the bananas probably grew over 1,000 miles from where you live or that cucumbers are only in season in warm months.

​Our grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t have this. Instead, they would take advantage of the food seasons. They’d produce a surplus and preserve it for times of scarcity.

Thanks to the food revolution that is occurring, there are increasingly more young people who have gardens and are doing things like home canning.  However, we could really step this up a notch and start teaching people food preservation skills like:​

  1. Lacto-fermentation
  2. Pickling
  3. Smoking
  4. Dry salting
  5. Curing
  6. Drying
  7. Cellaring

6. Not Wasting Food

When you have to grow, forage, and hunt for your food, you don’t take it for granted. This isn’t something which can be said of today’s generation!

​Consider that the average American family throws away 1/4 of the food they buy, adding up to a total of approximately $1,365 to $2,275 annually. Our great grandparents would be horrified!

The reason that people are so willing to toss food into the trash is because they assume that they can always go to the supermarket and get more.

Our great grandparents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression and World Wars I and II. They knew that crises can strike at any time and leave you hungry and deprived.

So, when you have surplus, you put some aside for those rainy days – something we should all be doing right now by investing in a long-term food storage supply. 

7. Crafty creations – Grandma needed basic sewing skills to keep her family clothed. She might even be talented enough to make clothing in addition to repairs. Quilting and weaving were other abilities which could provide additional income, as well as add to her family’s warmth and comfort.

8. Stretching a dollar – Being thrifty came naturally to grandma, as nothing went to waste. She reused, repurposed and recycled everything. She often was a skilled negotiator and bartered goods or her skills for things she needed or wanted.

9. Medical care – Doctors and hospitals weren’t readily available. Grandma was required to have basic medical skills and more. She even might doctor animals as well as people. Her familiarity with medicinal herbs and plants came in very handy.

So, how did your day compare to grandma’s? Did it seem a bit lacking? It’s not too late to start learning some of these skills that she used on an almost daily basis. So put down the remote and game controller and invest your time in useful endeavors. These skills could even save your life and those of your loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more old remedies, you should read The Lost Book Of Remedies.

Lost Book of Remedies pages

The physical book has 300 pages, with 3 colored pictures for every plant and for every medicine.It was written by Claude Davis, whose grandfather was one of the greatest healers in America. Claude took his grandfather’s lifelong plant journal, which he used to treat thousands of people, and adapted it into this book.

Lost Book of Remedies cover

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Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church followed by risk of World War III

All the evidence shows that we have entered this time of trial, a decisive test’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in an interview, explains the history of the apparitions of Our Lady in Civitavecchia, Italy which took place 25 years ago. During these miraculous events, Our Lady referred back to her apparitions and messages in Fatima, and she warned that Satan is out to destroy the family. 

Additionally, Our Lady spoke about the apostasy in the Church, the darkness that overshadows Rome, the need to consecrate Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, adding that “the world is becoming more and more a prisoner of Satan’s darkness and evil, without sparing numerous servants of the Church.” She also spoke of the risk of a third world war following the apostasy. 

Our Lady spoke to the Gregori family, after their statue of Mary had started to shed tears of blood on February 2, 1995. She made clear that this apparition is linked to her apparitions in Fatima. She stated: “My children, the darkness of Satan is now obscuring the whole world and it is also obscuring the Church of God. Prepare to live what I had revealed to my little daughters of Fatima”

Indeed, says the Italian prelate, “this prophecy about the suicide of the Catholic Church has meanwhile been largely fulfilled through the Satanic-Masonic attempt to Protestantize Catholicism, reducing it to one of the many religions that are part of a single world religion.”

Further explaining the Masonic influence in the Church and in the world, he adds: “That the Masonic octopus clutches the Catholic Church in its tentacles is neither a rumor nor a secret. Right in the Vatican, the very stronghold of the Catholic Church, Masonry has armed itself with diabolical patience and waited until it reached the levers of power and command. The heart of Catholicity, which by divine mandate must be a beacon, has long been home to a pomp and pretention that decays it.”

But there is also a message of hope. Our Lady stated during her apparitions of Civitavecchia: “After the painful years of Satan’s darkness, the years of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart are now imminent.” And she urges us to pray the Holy Rosary as a strong weapon against the forces of evil.SUBSCRIBEto LifeSite’s daily headlinesSUBSCRIBEU.S. Canada World Catholic

As Archbishop Viganò states, these apparitions have been approved by the Diocese of Civitavecchia and that even Pope John Paul II privately blessed the miraculous statue. In addition, he informs us that Father Gabriele Amorth, the well-respected and now-deceased chief exorcist of Rome, strongly believed in these apparitions and even asked the Gregori family to pray for him when he was at the end of his life. Archbishop Viganò visited the Gregori family and even witnessed some supernatural phenomenon when praying in the presence of the miraculous statue.

LifeSite is presenting herewith a lengthy interview conducted with Archbishop Viganò after he had recently mentioned the apparitions of Civitavecchia in another statement. Speaking with a Portuguese website about the message of Fatima and after saying that the third secret of Fatima has not yet been fully revealed, the Italian prelate stated “ In addition, it was [Cardinal Tarcisio] Bertone himself who heavily discredited and censured the Madonnina delle Lacrime (Madonna of Tears) of Civitavecchia, whose message perfectly agrees with what she said at Fatima.”

For Archbishop Viganò, these warnings of Our Lady at the outskirts of the Metropolitan Diocese of Rome are coming true in our times. Speaking about her words on Satan’s attack on the family – something that Sister Lucia had once also spoken about in a letter to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra – Archbishop Viganò explains: 

“The decisive battle between the Kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of Satan concerns marriage and the family. Attacking the family means destroying the fundamental cell of society, but also of the Church. The aggression against the family is also manifesting itself within the Church, explicitly with the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, with the possibility of denying the indissolubility of marriage, with the legitimization of homosexuality and with the promotion of gender ideology.

Civitavecchia, like Fatima, contains a warning to the Church and a judgment on History, and offers the only decisive remedy, the divine antidote, to the evil and damnation of History and man.”

It is important to know that Jessica Gregori, the daughter of the family who witnessed these apparitions and supernatural events, was given by Our Lady the content of the third secret of Fatima and that this message was then passed on to Pope John Paul II at the time. She herself was able to meet, in 1996, with Sister Lucia of Fatima and to compare with her the messages they received concerning the third secret. They matched. 

The apparitions of Civitavecchia do not yet seem to be very much known in the English-speaking world. LifeSite is grateful to the Daily Compass which has extensively reported on this apparition and who have conducted interviews with Father Flavio Ubodi, the vice-president of the diocesan commission which approved of the apparitions, in the course of which the miraculous statue was placed in a church for adoration. Ubodi has just published a book, in Italian, called Civitavecchia. 25 years with Mary

It seems providential that it is now Archbishop Viganò who carries this message of warning and of hope as given to us by Our Lady of Civitavecchia to the English-speaking world. In the midst of the turmoil and destruction that we are witnessing, let us remember we have Our Lady in heaven who watches over us, to whom we can cling, and who promises us help.

Or, as Viganò says: “If the triumph of the Immaculate Heart is not far away, now is the time of battle, and She who is our Leader and Coredemptrix wants to see us fight, suffer and implore her Victory which is now at the gates.” And then he quotes Our Lady herself: “Through you I can spread the light of faith in these days of great apostasy. You are the light of the Lord, because you are children totally consecrated to Me. Let yourselves be guided by Me… If you listen to Me with true love, and fulfill my requests by walking the path that I point out to you in your mind and heart, through you I can realize the great divine Design of the great triumph of my Immaculate Heart” (September 8, 1995).



We all know that with the technology that we have today that we and our habits are been constantly monitored.

What we don’t appreciate is that this data is non-regulated, its use, and by whom it is all but invisible.

When Governments introduce a tracking App surely it should ring alarm bells to the erosion of Democracy.

There is no argument to saving lives is a given but the argument here is that with so safeguards, transparency, or legal rights over the storage and eventually removal of this data. (Centrally as in the case of England.)

It will turn us into digital slaves. 

Since the arrival of the internet power has become invisible, with corporate-owned software running everything from the stock exchanges, to regime change.

Facebook and Twitter are partly responsible for the election of a USA president Mr. Donald Dump, the Arab Rising, the Brotherhood in Egypt, the false news, etc.

Surely to many of our forebears gave their lives for us now to throw away what is left of our freedom to create an autocratic regime.

If we want to live in a society like China these tracking Apps will get us there sooner than you think.

If you look at China its Communist Party is planning to implement a single citizen score using opaque algorithms that are largely political.

In fact, China’s social credit scoring is best understood not as a single system but as an overarching ideology: Its government agencies compile and share data on judgments against individuals or companies.

Default on your debts, and you will be put on the “List of Untrustworthy Persons.” Blacklisted individuals cannot make “luxury purchases,” such as high-speed rail and air tickets or hotel rooms.

The ripple effect on every part of your life becomes a multiplier on punishments. Warning, these people who are on the blacklist. When a blacklisted person crosses certain intersections in Beijing, facial-recognition technology projects their face and ID number on massive electronic billboards.

As you see in Hong Kong the government eager to quash free speech and root out dissenters.

The tracking apps may well help to break the chain of infections, but with dedicated watchers to record deeds and misdeeds it will lead to socially engineer behavior by ascribing a number to citizens.

Good deeds gain points; bad deeds lose them, with perks and hardships attached and it won’t be long before they take a broad range of behaviors both financial and social, all underwritten by an invisible web of Big Data.

Everything becomes negotiable, no one will make a decision.

Businesses need to keep in constant touch with the government in order to stay in the business.

What harm could there be?”

Where will it extend to next?

Now it the time to ensure that your hard-won freedom is not sacrificed but protected.

How COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated. Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek

Dr. Annie Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years experience practicing medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job.

In this brief video, Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.

Draft Transcript  

“At a time where telling the truth is considered a threat to the national security, we’re very blessed to have a pastor who tells us the truth. We are blessed beyond measure. …”

“The decision for unprecedented government-mandated lockdown has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID-19. Is this death rate based on truth? …”

“Are the reported deaths from COVID-19 truly deaths from COVID-19?

To address this question, we need to discuss death certificates since death certificates are the basic source of information about mortality. …”

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

“History-changing decisions are being made due to these figures despite the fact that they are flat-out wrong based on data that is insufficient and often inaccurate. People know how much individual power and leeway is given to the physician coroner or medical examiner signing the death certificate. How do I know this? I’ve been filling out death certificates for over 30 years. More often than we want to admit, we don’t know with certainty the cause of death when we fill out death certificates. …”

“Physicians make their best guesstimate and fill out the form then that listed cause of death, whatever we list, is entered into a vital records databank to use for statistical analysis which then gives out inaccurate numbers as you can imagine. Those inaccurate numbers are then accepted as factual information even though much of it is false. So even before we heard of COVID-19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned.”

“When it comes to COVID-19, there’s the additional data skewer that there is no universal definition of COVID-19 death.”

“The Center for Disease Control, updated from yesterday April 4th, still states that “mortality” data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19. … The CDC counts both true COVID-19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same, they call it death by COVID-19. They automatically overestimate the real death numbers by their own admission. …”

“We need to understand how the CDC and the National Vital Statistics System are instructing physicians to fill out death certificates related to COVID-19. Brace yourselves, and please pay attention and let what I’m about to tell you sink in. The assumption of COVID-19 death could be made even without testing. Based on assumption alone, the death can be reported to the public as another COVID-19 casualty. The March 24, 2020 NVSS memo states

“The rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”  …

“Stephen Schwartz, national director of the division of vital statistics, says an answer to the question as stated in the organization’s COVID-19 alert, “Should COVID-19 be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?” Check out his answer,

“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc.” …

“If a patient is positive for COVID-19 and dies from another cause such as pneumococcal sepsis, it may be considered accurate to say that person died with COVID-19 not from COVID-19. Yet the CDC guideline lists this case as one more COVID-19 death and they go to the next questionable death, they label that as COVID-19 and it goes on and on. You could see how these statistics have been made to look scary when it is so easy to add false numbers to the official database. Those false numbers are sanctioned by the CDC as of their memo yesterday, April 4th. …”

“The real number of COVID-19 deaths are not what most people are told and what they then think. How many people actually died from COVID-19 is anyone’s guess. …”

“Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fear-mongers into relinquishing freedoms.”

Watch the video below and read an excerpt of her speech.


-Dr. Annie Bukacek

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What I’ve Learned Treating Patients Suffering From COVID-19

Thoughts and Reflections of Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa: Critical Care specialist, physician leader and author.

Asa critical care medicine specialist, I am used to seeing the sickest of the sick. I am used to seeing patients with respiratory failure. I am used to seeing patients in shock. I am used to seeing patients gasping for air, with dangerously low oxygen levels. I am used to seeing patients in kidney failure. Never, however, have I seen patients as sick as those with COVID-19.

Frightening Hypoxemia (low oxygen levels)

First of all, almost all of these patients present with such frighteningly low oxygen levels. I am also a lung specialist, and I am accustomed to seeing patients with low oxygen levels. Normal oxygen levels are anything above 90%, and I have seen patients come with levels as low as the 70s. Rarely, however, do I see patients presenting to our hospital with oxygen levels in the 50s and even lower. What’s more perplexing, sometimes these patients have oxygen levels that low and have absolutely no symptoms. I have never seen that before in my career as either a lung or critical care specialist.

Frighteningly Quick Deterioration

Secondly, when these patients with COVID-19 crash, they crash very quickly and crash very hard. Each patient is a ticking time-bomb, and they could be doing fine for several hours, and then — suddenly — they are gasping for air with plummeting oxygen levels and a plummeting blood pressure. One patient — a sweet woman in her 60s — was holding her own for several days. She was still very sick, but she was holding her own. All of the sudden, she became severely short of breath and was gasping for air. Despite getting multiple interventions, including going on a ventilator, she suffered cardiac arrest and died. We were all devastated.

As a critical care specialist, I am used to seeing the sickest of the sick. Never, however, have I seen patients as sick as those with COVID-19

What I’ve Learned Taking Care Of These Patients

This disease is unlike anything we have ever seen. COVID-19 has confounded critical care specialists the world over. It has upended decades of critical care gospel, and it has left very smart clinicians, scientists, researchers and regular bedside doctors — like me — scratching their heads. Each patient acts differently to the virus, and we need to treat each patient differently. What works for one, may not work for another, and this is different than what we have been used to. This is ultimately a good thing, and it will make all of us better clinicians in the end.

Not every patient needs a ventilator right away. Early on, clinicians taking care patients with COVID-19 were recommending “early intubation,” which means placing patients on a ventilator if conventional oxygen treatment did not work. They were not wrong. At the same time, we have learned that some patients can avoid going on a ventilator if we can treat them with high amounts of oxygen with high flow rates. We have had great success using this treatment modality in keeping multiple patients from requiring a ventilator. In addition, we have found that, if patients can lie on their stomach themselves, this has helped many of them avoid having to go on a ventilator. A lot of research is being conducted on this treatment, but we have found good success with it in our patients. While a ventilator can be life-saving, and I would not hesitate to use it on any patient who can’t breathe, it can also damage the lungs, and it is important to try everything in our arsenal first before we place someone on a ventilator. Indeed, multiple guidelines have now come out saying the same thing.

We need to aggressively correct any dehydration. It has long been a teaching that the patients with the severe lung disease called ARDS, or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, need to get as little fluids as possible. This is appropriate, because too much fluid in the body can cause the lungs to fill up with fluids and make the respiratory failure worse. At the same time, patients with COVID-19 typically come into the hospital and ICU very dehydrated. They have had fevers for several days, which causes dehydration itself, and they are not really eating and drinking (because they are sick). So, if we do not give them fluids, we are setting them up for kidney failure. As a result, we have been more liberal with fluids — all while not giving too much — and we have been very successful in preventing kidney failure.

We REALLY need to discuss goals of care with all patients admitted with COVID-19. This disease can kill. It can leave you needing a ventilator for a very long time, if not forever. Do you want this? Yes, of course, we try to “do everything” for all of our patients. The thing is, “doing everything” may not be consistent with someone’s wishes and values. Do you want to live the rest of your days on a ventilator? Do you want to die on a ventilator? Do you want to die with the team pounding on your chest? Whatever the answers are to those important questions need to be communicated to the doctors taking care of patients with COVID, BEFORE they go into respiratory failure. Having me, as a critical care medicine specialist, ask these questions is too late. It needs to be done sooner.

Like I said, I have never seen anything like this before in my career. This pandemic will have long-standing consequences on the medical profession, hospitals, the healthcare system, and society at large. I pray they are not all negative, and that — when this is all over…some day — we will all be better and stronger than we were before.

What Did U.S. Intel Really Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus? The Trump Administration and the CDC Had Advanced Knowledge

Hybrid War 2.0 on China, a bipartisan U.S. operation, is already reaching fever pitch. Its 24/7 full spectrum infowar arm blames China for everything coronavirus-related – doubling as a diversionist tactic against any informed criticism of woeful American unpreparedness.

Hysteria predictably reigns. And this is just the beginning.

A deluge of lawsuits is imminent – such as the one in the Southern District of Florida entered by Berman Law Group (linked to the Democrats) and Lucas-Compton (linked to the Republicans). In a nutshell: China has to shell out tons of cash. To the tune of at least $1.2 trillion, which happens to be – by surrealist irony – the amount of U.S. Treasury bills held by Beijing, all the way to $20 trillion, claimed by a lawsuit in Texas.

The prosecution’s case, as Scott Ritter memorably reminded us, is straight out of Monty Python. It works exactly like this:

“If she weighs the same as a duck…

…she’s made of wood!”

“And therefore…”

“A witch!!!!!”

In Hybrid War 2.0 terms, the current CIA-style narrative translates as evil China never telling us, the civilized West, there was a terrible new virus around. If they did, we would have had time to prepare.

And yet they lied and cheated – by the way, trademark CIA traits, according to Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo himself. And they hid everything. And they censored the truth. So they wanted to infect us all. Now they have to pay for all the economic and financial damage we are suffering, and for all our dead people. It’s China’s fault.

All this sound and fury forces us to refocus back to late 2019 to check out what U.S. intel really knew then about what would later be identified as Sars-Cov-2.

“No such product exists”

The gold standard remains the ABC News report according to which intel collected in November 2019 by the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), a subsidiary of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was already warning about a new virulent contagion getting out of hand in Wuhan, based on “detailed analysis of intercepted communications and satellite imagery”.

An unnamed source told ABC, “analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event”, adding the intel was “briefed multiple times” to the DIA, the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even the White House.

No wonder the Pentagon was forced to issue the proverbial denial – in Pentagonese, via one Col. R. Shane Day, the director of the DIA’s NCMI:

“In the interest of transparency during this current public health crisis, we can confirm that media reporting about the existence/release of a National Center for Medical Intelligence Coronavirus-related product/assessment in November of 2019 is not correct. No such NCMI product exists.”

Well, if such “product” existed, Pentagon head and former Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper would be very much in the loop. He was duly questioned about it by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Question: “Did the Pentagon receive an intelligence assessment on COVID in China last November from the National Center for Medical Intelligence of DIA?”

Esper: “Oh, I can’t recall, George,” (…) “But, we have many people who watch this closely.”

Question: “This assessment was done in November, and it was briefed to the NSC in early December to assess the impact on military readiness, which, of course, would make it important to you, and the possible spread in the United States. So, you would have known if there was a brief to the National Security Council in December, wouldn’t you?”

Esper: “Yes (…) “I’m not aware of that.”

So “no such product exists” then? Is it a fake? Is it a Deep State/CIA concoction to trap Trump? Or are the usual suspects lying, trademark CIA style?

Let’s review some essential background. On November 12, a married couple from Inner Mongolia was admitted to a Beijing hospital, seeking treatment for pneumonic plague.

The Chinese CDC, on Weibo – the Chinese Twitter – told public opinion that the chances of this being a new plague were “extremely low.” The couple was quarantined.

Four days later, a third case of pneumonic plague was identified: a man also from Inner Mongolia, not related to the couple. Twenty-eight people who were in close contact with the man were quarantined. None had plague symptoms. Pneumonic plague has symptoms of respiratory failure similar to pneumonia.

Even though the CDC repeated, “there is no need to worry about the risk of infection”, of course there was plenty of skepticism. The CDC may have publicly confirmed on November 12 these cases of pneumonic plague. But then Li Jifeng, a doctor at Chaoyang Hospital where the trio from Inner Mongolia was receiving treatment, published, privately, on WeChat, that they were first transported to Beijing actually on November 3.

The key point of Li Jinfeng’s post – later removed by censors – was when she wrote, “I am very familiar with diagnosing and treating the majority of respiratory diseases (…) But this time, I kept on looking but could not figure out what pathogen caused the pneumonia. I only thought it was a rare condition and did not get much information other than the patients’ history.”

Even if that was the case, the key point is that the three Inner Mongolian cases seem to have been caused by a detectable bacteria. Covid-19 is caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus, not a bacteria. The first Sars-Covid-2 case was only detected in Wuhan in mid to late December. And it was only last month that Chinese scientists were able to positively trace back the first real case of Sars-Cov-2 to November 17 – a few days after the Inner Mongolian trio.

Knowing exactly where to look

It’s out of the question that U.S. intel, in this case the NCMI, was unaware of these developments in China, considering CIA spying and the fact these discussions were in the open on Weibo and WeChat. So if the NCMI “product” is not a fake and really exists, it only found evidence, still in November, of some vague instances of pneumonic plague.

Thus the warning – to the DIA, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, and even the White House – was about that. It could not possibly have been about coronavirus.

The burning question is inevitable: how could the NCMI possibly know all about a viral pandemic, still in November, when Chinese doctors positively identified the first cases of a new type of pneumonia only on December 26?

Add to it the intriguing question of why the NCMI was so interested in this particular flu season in China in the first place – from plague cases treated in Beijing to the first signs of a “mysterious pneumonia outbreak” in Wuhan.

There may have been subtle hints of slightly increased activity at clinics in Wuhan in late November and early December. But at the time nobody – Chinese doctors, the government, not to mention U.S. intel – could have possibly known what was really happening.

China could not be “covering up” what was only identified as a new disease on December 30, duly communicated to the WHO. Then, on January 3, the head of the American CDC, Robert Redfield, called the top Chinese CDC official. Chinese doctors sequenced the virus. And only on January 8 it was determined this was Sars-Cov-2 – which provokes Covid-19.

This chain of events reopens, once again, a mighty Pandora’s box. We have the quite timely Event 201; the cozy relationship between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO, as well as the Word Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins galaxy in Baltimore, including the Bloomberg School of Public Health; the ID2020 digital ID/vaccine combo; Dark Winter – which simulated a smallpox bio-attack on the U.S., before the 2001 anthrax attack being blamed on Iraq; U.S. Senators dumping stocks after a CDC briefing; more than 1,300 CEOs abandoning their cushy perches in 2019, “forecasting” total market collapse; the Fed pouring helicopter money already in September 2019 – as part of QE4.

And then, validating the ABC News report, Israel steps in. Israeli intel confirms U.S. intel did in fact warn them in November about a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan (once again: how could they possibly know that on the second week of November, so early in the game?) And NATO allies were warned – in November – as well.

The bottom line is explosive: the Trump administration as well as the CDC had an advance warning of no less than four months – from November to March – to be properly prepared for Covid-19 hitting the U.S. And they did nothing. The whole “China is a witch!” case is debunked.

Moreover, the Israeli disclosure supports what’s nothing less than extraordinary: U.S. intel already knew about Sars-Cov-2 roughly one month before the first confirmed cases detected by doctors in a Wuhan hospital. Talk about divine intervention.

That could only have happened if U.S. intel knew, for sure, about a previous chain of events that would necessarily lead to the “mysterious outbreak” in Wuhan. And not only that: they knew exactly where to look. Not in Inner Mongolia, not in Beijing, not in Guangdong province.

It’s never enough to repeat the question in full: how could U.S. intel have known about a contagion one month before Chinese doctors detected an unknown virus?

Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo may have given away the game when he said, on the record, that Covid-19 was a “live exercise”. Adding to the ABC News and Israeli reports, the only possible, logical conclusion is that the Pentagon – and the CIA – knew ahead of time a pandemic would be inevitable.

That’s the smokin’ gun. And now the full weight of the United States government is covering all bases by proactively, and retroactively, blaming China.