The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly

The increase in human and animal populations on Earth increases the likelihood of a severe pandemic coming about naturally. The experimentation by many nations with biological agents increases the likelihood of such an event happening either by accident or design. When a new outbreak occurs most people look toward the government to contain the disaster and save the people. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how noble the government is. Today it is unfortunate that the government is so intertwined with corporations that the best interest of the people is often set aside for the best interest of business. Because of this it is beneficial for people to have their own defense plan to deal with an outbreak should one occur.

One of the most effective elements at our disposal is silver. The dispersion of silver atoms in distilled water creates a very effective medicinal that has been used for decades to control many lethal pathogens. Until pharmaceuticals became widely produced in the 1940’s colloidal silver was the weapon of choice for numerous conditions. The rise of resistant diseases today has led many health professionals to reexamine the usefulness of silver.

It is used today in topical ointments, colloidal mixtures and even in threads in clothing to destroy body odor causing bacteria. Silver is truly a gift from nature. The reluctance by the pharmaceutical industry to embrace colloidal silver is a matter of profits. It has been declared a non medical substance and is widely available to the public. As a result it is not profitable for corporations and as such they try to ignore its results in favor of designer drugs they can patent and control.

The use of colloidal silver, natural honey, apple cider vinegar and garlic to name a few natural substances, can make all the difference in your health when the next nasty bug calls. The ability to create your own defenses against a future threat gives you power over your life instead of handing your future over to individuals whose motives may be suspect.

The government cannot be relied on to keep you healthy based on the corporate control of many facets of our system. You do not want to become victim to any future government machinations that may prove terminal to you or your family. The ability of the government to control who gets vaccinations when a new virus hits provides them the opportunity to round up any dissenters in an easy way.

For these and other reasons, it is wise for individuals to plan for self help when this type of disaster happens. The ability to grow and produce medicinal drugs and antibiotics allows individuals to avoid dangerous places that others are drawn to in time of need. The acquisition of colloidal silver generators, medicinal seeds and literature to provide the necessary instruction to care for yourself and your family is something that should be located sooner rather than later.

New designer drugs are now becoming less effective to resistant diseases and it is only a matter of time before a new pathogen arises that contemporary drugs cannot handle. We are fast approaching the day when the human species is laid naked before a new killer that will run rampant among the population and the only thing that may save us are the natural defenses provided by nature itself. The pompous nature of man that allows him to believe he is smarter than nature will ultimately cause the death of many millions before humility forces him to accept what we already know. Nature provides a delicate balance in the world and when man interferes with that balance he ultimately injures himself.

Old-Time Home Remedies We Need to Bring Back – Our Grandparents Grew up With These Common Cures but They’ve Long Since Fallen Out of Fashion

Long before big box stores with their shelves of medicines, and long before the age of instant information, there was passed-down, time-tested wisdom on how to treat common ailments with natural remedies.

Our forefathers and foremothers used plants, common sense, and a little know-how to ease all types of pain and discomfort. In many cases, these treatments worked as well or better than the medications we purchase today. Plus, they worked without the risk of added chemicals and preservatives.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor before using any of the herbs and/or remedies mentioned in this article. 

What’s another side benefit? Many of these items are readily on hand in your pantry. Here are some lost remedies from the old days for 13 common ailments.


Horseradish – Moisturize your forehead and under-nose area. About fifteen minutes later, wrap two to three teaspoons of grated horseradish in a soft cloth or cheesecloth and apply to the base of your nose or to your forehead until you feel a light burning sensation. Remove.

Vitamin C – Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon into a cup. Drop the peel and remaining pulp into the cup as well. Add boiling water and a teaspoon of honey. Breathe in the steam as you stir and then sip slowly after it cools.

Cough and Sore Throat

Nix the supermarket cough drops and try one of these remedies instead.

Basil – Chewing on some fresh basil leaves can relieve a dry cough.

Gargle – Make a simple but effective mouthwash of salt and warm water or freshly squeezed lemon juice and warm water. Gargle and repeat as often as needed.

Honey Tea – Mix two teaspoons of honey with warm water or with an herbal tea of your choice. Sip twice a day. (Not for children under 12 months.)

Nutshell Tea – Place five ounces of nut shells in a teapot, add water, and boil. Sip slowly to soothe your throat.

What’s amazing is we are just scratching the surface with this list of home remedies. There are many more  out there. If you’re interested in learning more old remedies, you should .

The physical book has 300 pages, with 3 colored pictures for every plant and for every medicine.

Pine Needle Tea – Here’s how to make it:

  1. Rinse one cup of needles before finely chopping them.
  2. Next, place a half cup plus two tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of corn syrup, and a pinch of salt to a boil in a saucepan.
  3. Whisk ingredients together and then boil for one minute without stirring.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat, add the chopped needles, and steep the mixture for two to three hours.
  5. Take two teaspoons of the resulting syrup to reduce cough and sore throat.

Pine Syrup – Try two teaspoons of pine syrup to ease a cough and a sore throat.

Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises

Here are a few first aid tips that use items you probably have on hand in your home.

Banana Peels – For minor cuts and scratches, wash the area and then rub gently with the inside of a banana peel.

Bread & Apple Cider Vinegar – To help heal a bruise, rub the area with bread that has been soaked in apple cider vinegar.

Aloe Vera, Chamomile Tea, or Honey – Apply directly to the area.


Apple Cider Vinegar – Here’s an “old wives’ take” your grandmother or great-grandmother may have recommended for reducing a high fever. Soak your socks in apple cider vinegar. Then put them on your feet and keep them on for about 20 minutes. You can repeat the process with fresh vinegar every half hour until the fever subsides.


Ginger Powder – Another idea is to make a paste of ginger powder and two tablespoons water. Place the paste on your forehead for a few minutes.

Peppermint Oil – The scent of pure peppermint oil can open clogged blood vessels in the head, easing headache pain.

Potato Slices – Did you know you can treat headaches with potato slices? Apply two to three slices of raw potato to your forehead. If necessary, keep them in place with a scarf or bandana. Another option is to grate a raw potato and squeeze any potato liquid into a glass of water. Sip the potato water.


Here are some old-school remedies for an upset stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey – Stir one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water and sip slowly to ease indigestion pain.

Caraway Seeds – Nibble on a handful of caraway seeds to stop bloating discomfort.

CRAP Foods – I’m not talking about foods that taste like crap. I’m talking about the acronym which stands for cherries, raisins, apricots and prunes. These fruits are rich in fiber and help your digestive system function more smoothly.

Fennel – Chew a few pieces of raw fennel to help reduce gas and reduce stomach cramping.

Peppermint – This is a time-honored treatment for stomach upset. Try sipping peppermint tea or sucking on a piece of peppermint.

Peppermint-Carrot Tea – Here’s how to make it:

  1. Boil four cups of water along with four sliced carrots.
  2. Add either one peppermint teabag or one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves.
  3. Lower the heat to medium and cook for 15 minutes or so until the carrots soften.
  4. Remove the tea bag (if using) and blend the mixture in a blender until smooth.
  5. Adding a pinch of ground ginger or a squeeze of lemon juice will boost the antioxidants in this tea.

Insect Bites and Stings

Here are a few natural remedies for bites and stings from pesky insects.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball or a swab to the painful or itchy area.

Baking Soda & Water – Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it the bite area and allow it to dry.

Basil – Place freshly crushed basil or sage on the area.

Onions, Leeks, or Cabbage – Apply slices of raw onions, leeks, or cabbage directly to the bite or sting.

Parsley, Honey, and Salt – Make a poultice of parsley, honey, and salt and place it on the spot.

Tea Bags – Press a used tea bag against the bite until the itching subsides.


Dark Red Cherries – Fresh dark red cherries or juice made from them are an excellent source of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Eat cherries or drink tart cherry juice about an hour before bedtime to help relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Minor burns

To soothe the pain of a minor burn and to promote skin healing, try these natural treatments.

Aloe Vera – Cut the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant open and gently smear the contents on the burn or sunburn.

Banana – Lay the inside of a banana peel on the burn.

Egg – A raw beaten egg can be used as part of a poultice to soothe burned skin.

Olive Oil – Gently apply a layer of olive oil to the area.

Onion – Slice an onion and gently rub the open surface on the affected skin.

Potato – Place cut potato slices on the burned area.

Muscle Aches and Pains

Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, or Cauliflower – These can all help accelerate toxin elimination from a painful place in the body. Here’s a tried and true remedy:

  1. Soften two or three cabbage leaves in boiled water.
  2. Place them around the affected area for a few hours.
  3. Cover them with a towel or a scarf as needed.

Epsom Salt – Soak in a warm tub of water mixed with a cup or two of Epsom salt for 15 minutes or until the water has cooled. (Check with your doctor first if you have a heart problem, high blood pressure, or diabetes.)

Magnesium – This can help aching muscles. One way to get more in your diet is by adding a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses to your coffee or tea in the morning. Or try making old-fashioned “switchel” with this recipe:

  1. Stir together 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of molasses, 1/2 cup of honey, and 1 1/2 teaspons of ground ginger.
  2. Add two quarts water and mix until dissolved.
  3. Chill or serve over ice.


Ginger – It contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols that help ease queasiness, morning sickness, and mild stomach upset. Steep one to two grams of fresh ginger root in boiling water to make a tea. Sip slowly after it has steeped for three to five minutes. (Do not consume more than four grams of ginger per day as it can irritate the stomach lining.)

Skin Irritations and Rashes

Chamomile Tea – Another method is to apply cooled-down or refrigerated chamomile tea to the irritated area with a cotton ball.

Oatmeal – Add oatmeal to warm bathwater to soothe and reduce itchiness, especially due to chicken pox.

Walnut Leaves – Age-old wisdom uses walnut leaves to treat skin problems. Boil green walnut leaves in water for 15 minutes. Let it cool before straining. Then apply the liquid to the skin using clean gauze or cloth.


Pioneer lore contains many tested remedies for toothaches.

Clove Oil – One of them involves soaking a cotton ball in clove oil and then pressing it on the painful area.

Cloves – Chewing a few cloves also can provide relief.

Garlic – Garlic is another natural remedy for tooth pain. You can simply press a clove of garlic onto the painful tooth. The garlic juice works as a natural anesthetic.

Peppermint Tea Bags – Apply them to soothe sensitive gums and ease mouth pain.

Not only do these treatments save time and money, but it feels good to use natural ingredients when we have an ailment.

Preparing now, to deal with illness, disease, and injury, by adding fish antibiotics to your stockpile, is one more way to tip the odds in your favor when SHTF

One of the major issues many preppers face in preparing for a grid down or SHTF scenario is what to do about illnesses, infections, and injuries that are bound to happen. The world will be in chaos. Doctors and pharmacies will be overrun quickly. Public services will be overwhelmed or possibly shut down entirely.

Preparing now, to deal with illness, disease, and injury, by adding fish antibiotics to your stockpile, is one more way to tip the odds in your favor when SHTF. In truth, fish antibiotics for survival is a pretty controversial topic. There are some who believe it to be insanity. But others swear that fish antibiotics can save human lives. You’ll ultimately have to decide for yourself, all I can provide is information to help you decide.

Your first line of defense is, of course, prevention. But you won’t be able to wrap yourself or loved ones in a bubble to keep them from getting sick or injured when SHTF.

Luckily, many symptoms of illnesses, injuries, and diseases can be treated with standard first aid supplies that are readily available and easy to stockpile. Still others can be treated or healed with readily accessible medicinal herbs and plants that can be foraged or cultivated.

Serious Bacterial Infections Require Antibiotics

But if you or a loved one gets a tooth abscess, comes down with a respiratory bacterial infection, or ends up with an infected wound, what will you do? Serious bacterial infections require antibiotics and without them, you or your loved one could die. For many people, this fear leads to stockpiling antibiotics, just in case.

You can ask your regular physician to prescribe an extra ten or 14 days worth of penicillin perhaps. But one extra dose of antibiotics isn’t much. And one type of antibiotic isn’t a cure all for the many different infections you could get. In today’s world, physicians increasingly fear resistance to antibiotics and therefore are limiting the times and frequency with which they will prescribe antibiotics.

There aren’t any physicians who will prescribe you large amounts of several different types of antibiotics so you can keep them in your stockpile. This has made it difficult for preppers to stockpile antibiotics and store them for a SHTF scenario.

So what can you do? How can you get antibiotics without a prescription so you can stockpile them for the future? More and more people are considering fish antibiotics as a potential solution.

Keep reading for more information on the benefits of fish antibiotics. We’ll explain some of the mystery in fish antibiotics, how to choose the right fish antibiotics, and give you some suggestions on where to buy fish antibiotics for your stockpile.

Do Fish Antibiotics Really Cure Bronchitis in Fish?

If you had fish as a kid you probably remember having to treat their water with medicine at some point during their short life span. That treatment was likely an antibiotic in the forms of drops or powder designed for fish and made to be absorbed through their skin. As an adult, you have heard preppers talking about taking fish antibiotics and you’ve maybe even clicked a link or two and thought about buying some yourself. But have you ever wondered why fish antibiotics come in pill form? Fish can’t take pills, can they?

If you read some of the reviews for fish antibiotics on Amazon, you might get confused by the comments about “fish” getting bronchitis the week before a new job or having infected gums and being cured with fish mox pills. But don’t worry, fish don’t really get bronchitis or infected gums. These are actual people posting reviews of fish antibiotics and referring to their loved ones or themselves as “fish”. In fact, many people buy fish antibiotics because they are cheaper than prescription antibiotics.

Can Humans Use Fish Antibiotics?

The short answer is yes, humans can and do use fish antibiotics. In fact, there’s a growing trend, especially in America, of humans buying fish antibiotics for their own ailments. It’s a common practice for preppers. In reality, manufacturers know this, which is why they are making fish antibiotics in pill form and selling them. They know they are walking a fine legal line which is why it’s so difficult to find solid information on fish antibiotics for humans.

Many preppers do buy different types of fish antibiotics in large quantities over time and add them to their survival stockpile as a way of getting around needing a prescription for antibiotics. But if you’re going to use fish antibiotics or any other animal antibiotics, you must do your research, understand that there ARE risks involved, and be sure what you’re getting is what you believe it is.

Why Use Fish Antibiotics?

It’s ALWAYS more advisable to see a doctor and be properly diagnosed and treated whenever possible. That said, the reasons people use fish antibiotics are varied and include:

  • You can buy fish antibiotics without a prescription which makes them easier to stockpile than prescribed antibiotics.
  • If you stockpile fish antibiotics now, you can have the ability to treat infections and other illnesses post-SHTF when doctors and pharmacies are inaccessible.
  • Typically, fish antibiotics are cheaper to buy than prescription antibiotics.
  • Some people just really don’t like or trust doctors and would rather treat themselves.

How to Choose Fish Antibiotics for Survival

Once you decide you want to try fish antibiotics, the dilemma then becomes how to choose the right antibiotics for your needs. Just like antibiotics for humans, there are different kinds of fish antibiotics. It’s really important to get the antibiotic that will work for the type of infection you have and will be absorbed the right way and to the right location. So, the first place to start is to know what kind of bacterial infection you have or as much as you can about what it is so you can choose the fish antibiotic that is best.

The single best way to know what kind of bacterial infection you have is to visit the doctor and be diagnosed with a lab test. But when SHTF, this probably won’t be possible. So in a survival scenario, you will have to determine for yourself if taking the wrong fish antibiotic is worth the risk. In most cases, taking the wrong antibiotic won’t kill you directly but it can lead to death if the right treatment isn’t taken quickly.

All pharmaceutical antibiotics for humans are required to be imprinted and coded. Fish antibiotics in pill form also have to be coded and imprinted. Do not take ANY pills that are blank or do not have a legible imprint and code. Use this pill identifier to make certain you have the fish antibiotics that you think. USP certified and pharmaceutical grade labels can not be relied upon when it comes to fish antibiotics, so be cautious of false promises.

Most Commonly Taken Antibiotics Include:

  • Penicillin 500 mg – look for Fish Pen Forte
  • Amoxicillin 500 mg- is called Fish Mox

Additional Choices:

  • Ciprofloxacin 500 mg – Fin Flox
  • Ampicillin 250 mg- order Fish Cillin
  • Cephalexin 500 mg-Fish Flex Forte
  • Clindamycin 150 mg-Fish Cin
  • Metronidazole 500 mg- Fish Zole

Since I’m not a physician, I cannot give you advice about your medical situation. So, I won’t get into which antibiotic should be taken for different kinds of infections. You’ll need to determine what kind of infection you have and then research which human antibiotic and dosage is appropriate. Once you know the human type of antibiotic, dosage, and length of treatment is needed, you can have a pretty good idea which fish antibiotics to buy for your stockpile by looking at the above lists.

But honestly, in a SHTF situation, if you take nothing, you die from infection, so having some of these on hand to try could just save your life.

My recommendation is to find a physician NOW who will work with you so that instead of using antibiotics from the pharmacy, you can try the equivalent in fish antibiotics now. This will help you to know which antibiotics to choose and will let you experiment while medical supervision and emergency help is still available if things go awry.

Where Can I Buy Fish Antibiotics

One of the most common questions people ask me about fish antibiotics for survival, is “where can I buy fish antibiotics?” One of the key things is that you do you research on your own and buy from a reputable manufacturer. I recommend purchasing online and that you do not buy from Craig’s List, EBay, etc.

One of the most trusted brands for fish antibiotics in the prepping community is ThomasLabs. This is where my own research led me and this is the only source I will buy from. There are tons of companies that offer ThomasLabs brand fish antibiotics. But you still must do your own research, then check the pills you receive using the pill identifier once they arrive. There are no regulations on fish antibiotics so USP and Pharmaceutical grade labels can be misleading.

Warnings About Using Fish Antibiotics for Prepping


Taking the wrong dosage or the wrong type of antibiotic can be dangerous. In addition, taking medication that isn’t what you believe it is or which has other ingredients or fillers, can cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Storage of Fish Antibiotics

Just like prescription antibiotics and OTC medications, fish antibiotics can be susceptible to improper storage conditions. Make sure that you follow all manufacturer instructions for properly storing your fish antibiotics. Rotate what you have so that your freshest medication is in your stockpile.


If you have a viral or parasitic issue going on, and not a bacterial infection, antibiotics won’t help. Whenever possible, you should be diagnosed by a physician who can advise you as to the proper type of human antibiotic, dosage and course of treatment so you can find the equivalent in fish antibiotics.

Antibiotic Resistance

Using antibiotics when you don’t really need them increases resistance, something scientists believe is the reason for the increase in antibiotic-resistant superbugs. If you stop taking the fish antibiotics before the recommended course of treatment is over, you risk that infection lying dormant and coming back even stronger and more resistant. It’s just as important to take fish antibiotics for the full course of treatment as it is for prescribed antibiotics.

Risk of Using Fish Antibiotics

Fish antibiotics are not FDA approved for human consumption. There is risk associated with using any animal antibiotics for humans as they are not regulated. Some manufacturers add fillers and additives to their fish antibiotics which are not safe for humans to ingest. Fillers and additives can also interact with other medications you may be taking or cause you to have an allergic reaction.

What Else Is Out There?

In addition to adding fish antibiotics to your survival stockpile, research and identify what else is out there that can help you keep yourself and your family alive if you get sick or hurt in a survival situation. Consider not only stockpiling fish antibiotics but also stocking up on OTC medications, and growing or foraging for medicinal plants and herbs that can be made into tinctures and ointments for use when needed.

Another little known fact is that studies have shown that many people don’t get sufficient vitamins and minerals in their diets. In fact, many people could be suffering from various ailments including fatigue, weak bones, and a weakened immune system right now because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Without the proper level of minerals and vitamins, your body cannot function the way it’s supposed to work.

Consider ways to add the following vitamins and minerals to your diet both now and if you find yourself in a SHTF or survival situation:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Sulfur
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C

Have you considered using or stockpiling fish antibiotics for survival? Are you already using fish antibiotics or other natural remedies to treat pain or other illnesses? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

The Global Elite Have Had A Plan To Kill Off A Significant Portion Of The Worlds Population And Take Complete Control Of The Resources And People

For several years many people have had the opinion that the global elite have had a plan to kill off a significant portion of the worlds population and take complete control of the resources and people. The raping of the worlds financial assets by these people has insured that they must do something to cover their tracks in a way to avert repercussions on themselves from an irate population. A global holocaust that puts people in survival mode would lend itself nicely to the police state being erected to contain the people.

Dave Hodges has uncovered some evidence that a company named Crucell developed a fully effective Ebola vaccine in 2006. The CDC has patented the Ebola virus and can now demand to be paid royalties for any vaccine used against the virus. This means the Ebola virus is now the intellectual property of the CDC. There are reports of the government putting pressure on sectors that promote natural cures and health products that may stop or prevent this type of outbreak. Few years ago shipments of nano silver being sent to Africa have been blocked. This sounds like the elite protecting its investment.

If an enterprising group of people wanted to gain control of a country or even the world, a highly contagious and deadly virus would be a good weapon to use. When released into the population it would cause unmitigated chaos. It has the potential to collapse every major system people depend on for daily life. The healthcare system, energy, transportation, security, financial and food production of an entire country could be collapsed in a matter of months. In a previous article I noted that they war gamed a pandemic several years ago and one thing that came out was that once the economy shut down they had no idea how to start it up again.

Anyone that had the cure for this bug would be in the position to select who gets saved and who does not. That is the whole point of bio warfare. Kill the enemy while having the ability to protect your own troops. When the British had trouble with Indians in America they simply sent them small pox infected blankets and within a few weeks the Indians were ravaged with disease leaving them unable to effectively continue fighting.

There is a movie called ULTRAVIOLET that has some similar undertones to what might happen soon. The government created a virus that got out and infected some people. These people became the new enemy that allowed total government control. When these people were all but eliminated the government developed a new virus to release into the atmosphere and infect everyone else. This would force them to go to the government on a regular basis to get the necessary treatment to continue living.

Who can forget the mural at the Denver International Airport that depicts people dying at the feet of a soldier wearing a gas mask. This may be the future we have in store if this is the nefarious plan of some evil group seeking total control. If this is the plan I suspect it is only the first of a multi phase plan to wage global war and consolidate resources and land holdings for the select few. Any country infected with a deadly virus would be hard pressed to wage war or even protect its own borders against an enemy with immune soldiers.

There will no doubt be people that have natural immunity or access to natural cures that keep them healthy and these will likely be one enemy that government seeks out in the future. They cannot risk the failure to control some and prevent the control of all. The best thing that people can do at this time is to prepare for system wide failure if it should happen and educate themselves on natural remedies that are out of the control of government purveyors of ill health.

If Americans ever revolted this disease could give the government the means to control the population. Anyone who wanted the cure would have to succumb to the government healthcare system. This would leave the rebels outside the system and easier to identify.

Let us not forget that the government has promised trillions more to people than it will ever have the ability to deliver. There are only two ways to solve that problem. Either they can default on the promises in some form or they can eliminate the people that are supposed to get them. To default would cause riots and imminent danger for those in government so another way would be more palatable for them. Zbiginew Brezinski once gave a speech and said it is now easier to kill one million people than it is to control one million people. That may be part of the solution we have in store as time goes on. Obamacare will surely kill many in the years to come as healthcare is rationed and a good pandemic would help as well.

Here is another aspect of Ebola that no one has talked about. If this disease becomes rampant in America, it will most likely be picked up by other species of animals here. These animals may not die from Ebola but they can become carriers of it. With the disease spreading among the many animal species it may cause an untold number of mutations that have the capability to reinfect humans. Just like in Africa where some species now transmit the disease to humans, this could lead to Americans needing shots every year from Ebola just like they now need annual Flu shots for the prevalent strain that year.

This can also make the home production of meat almost impossible as individuals will not be able to afford the testing necessary to insure their flocks are Ebola Free. This can also put an end to hunting as we know it due to the infectious nature of this disease. This could make meat consumption in this country something only the rich and well connected will be able to afford as only government certified meat will be available for sale. The testing of this meat will raise the price considerably. That will probably make the corporations engaged in this type of activity very happy.

There are an untold number of problems this disease can cause in this country and that is the reason people should be afraid not only of the disease but of the government response to it. The government can actually make it much worse than it would otherwise be. With the lack of trust in government today the people have a great deal to be worried about. If we are entering the end game of some plot, we will most likely be inundated with multiple crises at once as time goes on. This will keep people off balance and looking to government for help. At this time people need to stay as informed as possible to keep ahead of the next planned crisis. Things will likely get worse from here so prepare yourself for that.

10 Most Likely Ways You Can Die During An Economic Crisis Or Period Of Civil War

Who really has their pulse on the conditions of the market and the economy? Every day we get “flash signs” of things to come. Jobless claims go up, consumer confidence goes down and economists toss the economic crisis ball back and forth.

Shipping volume has fallen, and everything is lining up with the numbers of 2008.

This is the messaging we get on a daily basis. I think most economists and financial bloggers are doing their best to keep us ahead of another crash like in 2008. However, the next economic crisis isn’t going to look anything like 2008

When you take an armed nation that has so overspent itself for the last 50 years and threaten a situation like economic collapse, it doesn’t get any worse. We have clear modern-day examples of what an economic crash can look like. See Venezuela. However, history knows nothing about what the American economic crisis will look like.

The numbers of those dead will look, to historians, like the greatest war ever waged on Earth’s soil. We are a nation divided that seems to be looking for a reason to get at each other’s throats. With the onset of things like resource scarcity and inflation, your life will be at risk.

So how will you die in during an economic crisis?

#1. Early Stage Riots

The early days of the economic crisis will be calm in comparison to what is to come. We will see national riots that encompass every major city across the nation. These riots will be brought on by massive job loss, bank runs, exorbitant cost of goods and the rebellious nature of the American people.

These will be violent, bloody riots that are much different than anything we have seen in this nation. If you get swept up into one of these riots it could be your life. However, this is just the beginning.

#2. Robbery

While riots may satisfy the desperate and the unprepared during the daytime hours, they will get hungry and even more angry at night. Just as with any disaster we will see robbery after the collapse of the economy. However, robbery and the murder associated with it will be at such a massive scale, as people scrounge for food, cash and valuables, local authorities will be overwhelmed.

You might die at the hands of a robber. Or you might die at the hands of a home owner. Remember, it only takes one robbery while you are at work to steal all your stored food and supplies. Then you will be one of the desperate, as well.

#3. Ransom

Another hot new market will be kidnapping. If you have any money or influence you can bet you are going to be targeted for ransom. Kidnapping for ransom is a popular practice in places like Mexico. It’s a tool of the cartels. The radical Mideast and African Muslims also use it to fund their failing Jihad.

There is no telling just how bad life can get for you if you get kidnapped and your family does not have the money to pay the ransom. It won’t be a fun way to go.

#4. Disease

As the nation dives deeper into collapse, we will see important infrastructure fall along with it. Trash collection, water treatment and waste management in general will come to a halt. The pests and disease that will come next will undoubtedly be the biggest killer of all.

Human waste and pests will spread disease like wild fire and there will be no doctors to help.

#5. Starvation

Large scale agriculture will stop. Farmers are already shutting down operations left and right due to the low profit margins. If government subsidies stopped, it would literally be impossible to afford. That means the world would face widespread starvation or the American heartland might even be occupied by foreign nations that handle food production.

#6. Hospital Blackout

The high-risk population of those hooked up to machines at the hospital will also be in grave danger. While hospitals have backup generators, they run on fuel and when that fuel runs out all those machines will go out.

A hospital blackout, for those in places like the ICU is a certain death sentence. It’s scary but it’s a very real situation that could come from the blackouts associated with an economic crisis.

#7. Desperate Hordes

Those who survive will be nothing but desperate, starving people who have seen and done most anything to stay alive. These people will be very different from the early rioters. They will do whatever it takes to stay alive.

#8. On The Bugout

Maybe you were one of the smart people who saw all this coming. You could have escaped to a remote bugout location that was stocked with food, water and resources to start a life of self-sufficiency. You might exist in peace, for a while, till some people start to notice your situation. The thing we all worry about in the remote bugout is that you can be quickly overpowered by a larger group and there is no one out there to help you.

#9. Martial Law

If the government or, worse, the international community tries to regain order, they will create some form of martial law. They will try to instill curfew, order and confiscate guns. If this happens late in the game, it will basically be a war between those imposing order and those unwilling to comply.

Even if you aren’t fighting in this war you could become a civilian casualty.

#10. Lack of Medications

A large percentage of Americans are on meds that they take daily. Things like blood pressure meds to insulin for controlling blood sugar levels. What about all those people on bi polar, anti-schizophrenics and anti-depressants.

During an economic collapse the movement and production of medications will come to a halt. That means all those who need that kind of help will have to self-medicate however they can or die. Are you one of those Americans on medications? Is there someone you love who is?

When Does It All Begin?

The answer is: Now.

Maybe the riots don’t start now. Maybe the markets don’t completely crash, right now. However, you can start preparing right now.

Forget about everything else and focus on preparedness. Take small steps each week or month to get yourself in a better position. Food, water, backup power, security, first aid and evacuation are some great places to start.

Maybe its economic collapse or maybe its something else. The reality is, we cannot live on eternal prosperity. What you prepare for today will decide how you survive the future.

Are You Prepared To Face This? How The World Could Change In 7 Days: One moment the building is alive, bright, vibrant, buzzing. With the flip of a switch, it lays still, cold and dead

You might be thinking, hey, I’ve got this one covered! I’ve survived lots of power outages. If that is your thought process, you could not be more wrong.

Anyone who considers, even for a moment, how interconnected and interdependent our existence has become … so full of overly-complex, over-engineered, over-automated systems driving every aspect of our increasingly fragile existence that is dependent on just-in-time inventory and shipping virtually everything we need ridiculous distances … arrives at the same inescapable conclusion: that mankind has built a house of cards.

I doubt we could have created a more fragile world if it had been our aim from the beginning. We have painted ourselves into a corner and we are going to make a mess getting out.

Few analogies are as simple and powerful as tripping an electrical breaker to disconnect a building from the grid. One moment the building is alive, bright, vibrant, buzzing. With the flip of a switch, it lays still, cold and dead.



It is truly that simple. One moment we have juice, the next we don’t.

The Chain Reaction

America’s need for power outstrips our investment in our capability to produce it by 400%.

Yet the legislative branch of government points fingers and the executive branch (well, what used to be the executive branch before we turned the zoo over to the chimps, so to speak) sits in its tower considering “jobs for jihadis” and throwing lavish parties to congratulate and reward itself for scamming the rest of us out of our tax dollars.

Meanwhile, our electrical infrastructure continues its rapid decay and the nation’s power grid slips and slides down a spiral water slide of demise. It appears that they could not possibly care less. Perhaps they figure somebody else will be in office to take the blame when the music stops.

But it is not just the US. The US economy affects the world economy and the world economy is feeling the pinch. You do not have to be a risk assessment genius to understand that a depressed world economy translates to more frequent power outages of increased duration and a weaker and more vulnerable power grid.

The grid is limping along on borrowed time. Through a combination of luck and the best efforts of the intelligence and military communities, we have dodged the CME/HEMP (Coronal Mass Ejection/High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) bullet … so far.

But while clock counts down to the next time the sun lobs an X-class solar flare in the general direction of our planet, the power industry has succeeded in using junk science generated by NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) to pull the wool over the eyes of congress and emergency management bureaucrats alike, forestalling the Shield Act, which is our only hope to harden the grid against the inevitable threat of EMP, be it geomagnetic or manmade.

The 2012 India Blackout affected 620 million people or 9% of the world population. India’s engineers blamed in on a number of factors that were merely symptoms of the same illness that affects the US and most other power grids.

The chronic illness underlying the symptoms was that the industrial and technological revolutions have catalyzed humanity’s explosive growth for far too long.

This has woven fragility into very fabric of world’s power grids. This has become a growth bubble of epic proportions searching for a pin. Our sun and geopolitical climate has that bubble navigating terrain akin to the Sonoran Desert. In reality, it is not so much a desert, but a forest of cactus spines, fangs, thorns and stingers, all poised to plant themselves in passersby.

I am involved in emergency management and I am very blessed to have many good, competent government emergency managers all the way up to the state level. After that, it mostly government shills who fancy themselves emergency managers.

Especially at the Federal level, the US has fallen prey to a culture of academics who pretend to know inordinately more than they actually do. Rooted firmly in the personality ethic, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” is their motto, but they never do. Afraid of their own intellectual shadow, they fear embracing and admitting their own uncertainly, which is the first step to anyone truly learning anything. So they believe what is most convenient as opposed to what is true. In this case, it very convenient to have blind faith that the electrical grid, like everything else in their lives, is maintained by people and organizations more intelligent, wiser, more benevolent and more responsible than they are. “Move along, nothing to see here!”

EMP is the stuff of Hollywood, not what our smartest scientists, the head of the CIA, and our best and brightest minds, and those of our enemies, seem to all agree is presently our single greatest known vulnerability.

Major vulnerabilities mean increased work load for emergency managers, and government shills resist having to actually provide a valuable service in trade for their salary.

Just this type of human debris, “working” for the City of Phoenix, Arizona concluded some years ago that an evacuation of Phoenix-Metro area is simply impossible.

So no such plan even exists. “Can’t win … don’t try.” They look to Homer Simpson for guidance on important issues like emergency plans that affect the lives of millions of people, including themselves and their own families.

I sincerely hope they have since remedied the situation, but I was not going to hold my breath and relocated to someplace with better prospects and better leadership.

The Countdown to Disaster

In order to understand how to prepare for a protracted power outage, you should understand the sequence of events that will unfold after the lights go out.

The electrical grid varies greatly from state to state and country to country, as do the threats to the grid, but here’s a sample of past events and future projections in form of a timeline.

It is a simple matter to put together a plan based on your family or organizational needs once you have an idea of what you’re preparing for so visualizing your mission and obstacles is sometimes more useful than the usual list of stuff you need have on hand and obligatory reminder to practice and train.


  • Electric heating & cooling systems fail. In winter, homes will begin losing heat. In summer, many buildings dependent on air conditioning to maintain a safe temperature for occupants will be forced to evacuate.
  • Many hospitals, radio stations, TV stations, telecomm systems and data centers switch over to emergency power but many lose air conditioning due to the expense of backup generators capable of supplying its heavy electrical load. Consequently, many data centers begin to heat up.
  • Computers without uninterruptable power supplies or an integrated battery power lose power.
  • Tall buildings reliant on most types of booster pumps lose water pressure past the bottom floors. Buildings with rooftop tanks have water until the tanks run dry.
  • Entire cities lose water pressure forcing boil-water advisories into effect for any water that does make to you or that you manage to scrounge up. But without electricity, most households will be unable to boil water. The NE US Blackout of 2003 left millions of Michigan residents without any water.
  • Many commuters are trapped on subways. Most electric subways and electric trains cease to function. Those that remain functioning reduce numbers of trains. In the Southern Brazil blackout of 1999, 60,000 commuters where on the subway system in Rio alone when it plunged into darkness. That blackout affected nearly 100 million people and triggered troop deployments. It was caused by neglect of the country’s grid due to a depressed economy. The event was triggered by an everyday lightning strike. Likewise, the NE US Blackout of 2003, affected all Northern states from Michigan up to NY and portions of Canada. Some 600 trains were stranded and thousands upon thousands had to be evacuated or rescued from subways and elevators.
  • Most traffic lights go dark or default to 4-way stops. Traffic snarls due to failure of traffic controls. Increased numbers of traffic accidents and delayed emergency response times.
  • Slowed traffic and calls to rescue thousands of people in elevators slows emergency response times.
  • Most credit card terminals and point of sale terminals are inoperable, limiting commerce. Some transactions continue on a cash only basis.
  • Most banks and ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) close or are inoperable, impeding most cash withdrawals.
  • In large blackouts, cell service typically goes down before land lines, large due to increased call volume and lack of power to form many cell towers to transmit, but keep in mind that voice, and text messaging operate on completely different frequencies and systems. Text messaging often works when voice does not. Also keep in mind that the landline system operates independent of cell service is more robust.
  • The 2012 India blackout shutdown multiple airports.
  • Refilling prescription medication instantly gets a whole lot harder. Refilling controlled medications becomes next to impossible for most patients.

4 hours:

  • Backup batteries on most alarm systems fail. If you own a brick and mortar small business, you either have to physically guard it or leave it vulnerable. If you own both a business and a home and commute between the two, you will have a hard time guarding them both. Many criminals are well aware of this fact and that law enforcement response times are slowing. Burglaries increase.
  • Small portable generators need to be refueled. This will become a constant chore, very expensive and noisy security risk, so you are better off putting in a renewable energy source and battery bank while it is still possible or planning to only run your generator at certain times and doing all chores requiring electricity while it is running.
  • Store shelves of business still in operation begin to empty.
  • Price gouging, profiteering, panic buying and hording cause panic to mount, tempers to flare. Batteries, bottled water, flashlights, ice, candles and fuel are hardest hit and profiteers begin selling them in the streets.
  • If cell phones or social media are still up, heavily-populated areas will see some flash mob-related crime.
  • Any previously working phone circuits will likely be overloaded by now.

6 hours:

  • Long lines form at gas stations still able to pump gas with battery-powered pumps or hand pumps as increasing numbers of motorists run out of fuel and many gas stations lose access to underground fuel tanks. They will only be able to accept cash.
  • GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and FRS (Family Radio Service) radios rendered ineffective by “bubble pack” radio users and children. They will remain unusable from this point forward in most cities and suburbs. Smaller towns with redundant band plans will fare better, but will not be without major problems.
  • Most folk will have had to “use the bathroom” by now. Many will discover that their toilets no longer flush. Are you prepared for this eventuality?
  • By this point, if are well prepared, you will very likely have determined the scope of the outage, its probable duration and cause. You will most likely determine this via your emergency radio equipment such as AM/FM/SW emergency radios, scanners or amateur radio equipment. Depending on the scope and cause, you might have found out or figured out whether the blackout is due to grid failure, a geomagnetic event or an HEMP almost immediately. Understanding its probable scope and severity, however, may take some time and the use of your noggin, your ears and possibly asking the right people the right questions if you have ensured your ability to do ahead of time. Emergency responders and knowledgeable amateur radio enthusiasts, especially those who are part of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) will have a huge advantage over the average citizen when it comes to collecting and correctly interpreting intelligence about the emergency. If neither of these is your cup of tea, you might consider networking with someone so inclined ahead of time or you may find yourself doubly in the dark.

8 Hours:

  • Utility companies set up generators to keep coms infrastructure up.
  • People realize this is not just a minor blackouts where they will light some candles and play break out a board game for the kids.
  • Small scale looting begins if hasn’t already. What happened, the ability of emergency services to inform the public, what they choose to tell people or the people having to figure it out themselves, may all have a significant impact on crime.

12 Hours:

  • By the end of the first business day, blackouts cost gas stations and restaurants as much as $20K a day. Grocery store? Try more like 60K per day.
  • Most refrigerators are now useless under normal usage patterns so most insulin-dependent diabetics lose the means to cool insulin.

Night fall:

  • CPAP and oxygen concentrator users who have not invested in an alternative power solution will wake up fatigued at best and run the risk of not waking up at all.
  • Crime rate goes up when the sun goes down.

Day 2:

  • State of Emergency Declared. Troop deployments likely, if available. The Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006, passed in 2007 specifically prohibits government officials from confiscating firearms in the aftermath of certain emergencies and natural disasters. Anyone who lies, cheats and steals their way into power these days seems to interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights so broadly as to not apply to them or interprets one wiretap warrant to apply to hundreds of thousands of people. One such crook, former New Orleans police chief Eddie Compass, ordered police and National Guard units to confiscate firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. To prevent this from happening again, The People passed a law specifying penalties should some future tyrant try it and manage to survive long enough to stand trial. This is very probable in Eastern US or the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, but I imagine anyone who tried that in most Western states would end up at the long end of a short rope shortly after the words exited his pie hole. So, will there be firearms confiscation? Probably not unless a state of martial law is declared, and then only in areas firmly under government control. But depending on how that administration uses that power, it might precipitate a premature “leadership vacuum. “
  • Fuel rationing begins. Trucks start pumping out gas stations and truck the fuel to priority skeleton infrastructure.
  • Freezers begin to thaw. Many people begin cooking thawing meat to preserve it or at least prepare it before it spoils. BBQ’s use far more propane to cook than camp stoves.
  • Do yourself a favor plan involves a bug out and clean out your fridge before you leave. If you come back, you will wish you had. If you come back to warm fridge after an extended absence, don’t bother opening it. Just tape it shut, haul it to the dump and buy a new one. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief.
  • Casualties and fatalities due to heat or cold exposure increase.
  • Casualties and fatalities due to lack of access to healthcare and medication increase.
  • Stores are likely cleaned out or soon will be.
  • By this time, lacking passive solar design features, alternative energy sources, wood stove, kerosene heater or the like, your home will likely be getting pretty close to the same temperature indoors as out of doors minus the wind chill. In some climates, this is no big deal. In other climates this is a death sentence. Plan accordingly. You will need a whole lot more clothing than in a climate-controlled home. If it is cold, create a micro-climate in a single room or fewer rooms. It will be way easier to keep one room warm than a whole house. If you have vaulted ceilings throughout your entire home, set up a cabin tent in the living room and line it’s walls and roof with reflective blankets.

Day 3:

  • 72 Hour Kits or typical bug out bags are used up or close to it. The average “prepared” citizen (as per FEMA’s over-optimistic recommendations based on past averages minus hurricanes, tornados and any other serious event because it is impossible that anything like that will ever happen again) runs out of emergency supplies and fuel to boil water.
  • As fatigue, injuries and concern for their families takes a toll on first responders, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician), nurses and doctors begin to stop showing up for shifts.
  • Rise in violent crime.
  • Looting picks up momentum.
  • Cases of waterborne and hygiene-related illness start to mount, further straining medical resources.
  • Some better-organized cities set up mobile morgues in refrigerated reefer trucks. It might sound a little morbid, but it is a whole lot better than the alternative.

Day 4:

  • Exhausted first responders and emergency personnel, nursing home staff and others have to prioritize dwindling resources where they can do the most good for patients with the best chances of recovery or survival.
  • Once you start using your food stores, the type or types of food you chose will have a huge impact on the amount of fuel needed to prepare it. Soaking dry packed legumes and grains prior to boiling can help reduce fuel consumption, but it takes a lot more fuel to cook from scratch than it does to prepare a freeze dried meal or heat up an MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat).
  • By this time, cash may be have substantially less purchasing power and barter, mostly in the form of food, will eventually replace it.

Day 5:

  • Hospitals are forced to consolidate. Smaller hospitals and urgent care facilities are forced to shut down and must be evacuated, causing healthcare workers or volunteers to face difficult choices and patients to suffer the consequences.
  • Looting starts to die down because there isn’t anything left to loot.

Day 6:

  • As reality sets in, doctors do the unthinkable and begin euthanizing patients they feel have low probability of survival. As demonstrated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this is considered acceptable practice and they will face no legal recourse if the blackout ends and society recovers. Due to limited quantities of medicine, no access to computerized medical records, lack of familiarity with the patients and lack of experience performing euthanasia, many of these attempts will fail, resulting in prolonged suffering, asphyxiation and hypoxic brain injury of patients who survive the attempt(s). This is sometimes due to the fact that patients with genetic tolerance to opioids and chronic pain patients undergoing opioid pain therapy will survive dosages far greater than a typically lethal dose.
  • Some elderly patients in nursing homes were simply abandoned and left to die of dehydration and exposure during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. If you have loved ones in such a facility, you might want to keep this in mind.

Day 7:

  • Cholera outbreaks and other serious fecal contamination-related and waterborne illness not seen in the US for decades or centuries begin to ravage cities, especially the large, coastal cities on the East Coast located far downstream from large populations. A protracted power outage will churn out epidemics, so it is prudent to plan for the eventuality.
  • Unleaded and diesel-only generator owners who can still find fuel available are feeling the pinch as gasoline is many times more expensive and less available than natural gas in the majority of outages. Propane is cheaper than gas, but usually less available unless you have large capacity tanks.
  • Some people that had been getting by looting businesses decide to give homes a try. Some see that the empty homes will soon run out and decide to transition straight to home invasion of occupied homes.
  • If martial law has not been declared yet, they may give it a shot, but this would depend on the scope of the outage, prospects for recovery, political motives, geography, etc.
  • If the power is still out and there isn’t a firm projection of restoration, you will likely be needing body bags soon if you have not already. Bodies can become a very serious microbiological threat and need to be properly handled and disposed of.

Are you prepared to face this?

The Main Component To Survival That Everyone Needs To Consider: Stockpiling Food Might Be Your Best Investment When The SHTF

The small percentage of the population that keeps extra supplies on hand in the event of a disaster have taken the necessary steps to insure their family will not suffer as most others will following an event. This is the act of intelligent people that realize we live in a dangerous world with many unknowns.

It does not matter if you are prepared for two weeks, two months or two years of societal disruptions. At some point, if the event goes on long enough, you will eventually come to the end of your supplies. When that happens, what will you do?

Having a two year store of supplies is exceptional but as we have seen, some disasters can last far beyond that. The food scarcity we see in places like Venezuela have taken years to unfold and some past wars have raged on for more than a few years. When that happens even your best efforts may fall short and leave you in want.

Those that store a certain amount of supplies for a set period of time need to think beyond that period of time and imagine what they will do when the disaster lasts longer than they had planned on.

When you plan for an event, you need to think of the worst possible scenario and have a plan to handle it. A worst possible case may entail more supplies than you have the ability to buy or store but you should consider what your actions will be if you find yourself in that situation. Thinking about it now while you have the time to find solutions and determine a course of action will help you to stay calm and prevent you from making mistakes that might harm you later.

When an event happens, your greatest asset is your own mind. You need to program it with all of the answers you will need to get you through difficult times when they appear. This is the most basic level of preparing for difficult times that you can do.

Once you think through the possible troubles you may have in the future you will hopefully have answers at the ready when they are needed. Once you do this you will also be able to come up with a list of specific items that can help you the most if you get in that situation.

It may be tools, seeds, relocation sites or friends you can turn to that will make all the difference when the time comes. It costs you nothing but your time to sit down and think about these things now so there is no reason for you not to do it. When you are in need or in danger it is the little things that can make all of the difference.

Having supplies to care for your family buys you time and peace of mind when something happens. This time allows you to assess the situation and determine what your next move needs to be. It is impossible to plan for all of the potential unknowns you could be faced with which is why you need the time to adjust your plans and determine a course of action.

What works for one person may not be possible for someone else because people and situations are so vastly different. That is why you need to determine what will work for you and have a plan that you can follow. Looking at the plans of others can give you some good ideas but simply taking the plans of someone else and depending on that with no adjustments can be disastrous. You do not want to put yourself in a situation that is outside of your knowledge base.

When the world suddenly changes overnight you need to be ready to adjust to it. You need the resources to buy you the time to adjust and a plan that allows you the ability to survive and prosper long term