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Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?

Communism hit center stage with the Russian revolution, as first Vladimir Lenin and then Joseph Stalin remade Russia into the image created by Karl Marx. This didn’t affect us here in the USA much until World War II, when we were uncomfortable allies with Russia. Even then, there were those who saw communism as being the political savior for all mankind. But it wasn’t until World War II ended and the Cold War began, that we clearly saw the juxtaposition of capitalism versus communism in the world.

Ever since then, there have been those in this county who have been pushing for us to become one more socialist country in the world. They hold up socialism as the shining light, where all people are treated equally. The government exists only to make sure that happens.

But even then, there is an elite in any communist government. Someone has to make the decisions about who gets what and those people always take care of themselves first. While socialism or even communism might be a great theory, it requires perfect people; and the world has always had a shortage of those.

Yet there are those in our political system, who still proclaim socialism as the way to go. They make it sound better by calling it “democratic socialism.” But all it takes is a look at other countries who have gone socialist to see what that means; you can vote it in, but you can’t vote it out.

Nevertheless, they try to make their political ideology look good by promising lots of freebies, not letting people know that they are going to have to pay exorbitant taxes to get those freebies. Rather, they claim that the rich, who don’t pay “their fair share” will pay them. Yet every time politicians talk about raising taxes on the rich, it is the middle class who feels the pinch, not the wealthy.

To the low-information voter, especially the low-income, low-information voter, this all sounds good. They get free health care, free birth control, free education, free phones, free food and free income, and someone else has to pay for it. What could be better?

Interestingly enough, over the last century, every socialist or communist government has gotten into power by proclaiming their concern for the poor. This gave them a large pool of low-information voters they could count on, so that they could get voted into office. They lied to their followers regularly, both about their own intentions and those of the opposing party. All that mattered was that they got into power. We could be seeing the same thing happening here.

So, is the United States on its way to becoming a communist country, as some would like?

As I look back over the last 50 years, I can see where we Americans have lost a lot of our freedoms. Every time the government expands, taking over another part of society, it does so at the cost of individual and state freedom. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the IRS or the EPA; they get their power by stealing our freedom.

In that sense, you can say that we are already on the road towards communism and have been so for quite some time. A major step towards getting us there was Obama’s signature healthcare law. Never intended to work, the Unaffordable Healthcare Act was merely supposed to be a stepping stone towards a single-payer healthcare system, which would allow the federal government to take full control of 17.9% of our economy.

Basically all that Obamacare has done for the country is raise the cost of health insurance and medical care. Yes, it did give some people who were previously denied health insurance coverage by insurance companies the legal right to buy insurance. Yet that could have been done at a much lower cost and without having to hire 30,000 new IRS agents, further bloating an already oppressive government agency, in the process.

Even regulatory agencies like the Department of Education can be seen to be pushing our country towards socialism and then communism. These agencies do nothing more than take the power to make decisions out of the hands of US citizens and our local governments. One of their main ways of doing this is by controlling tax dollars. Money passed out to state and local governments by these agencies always comes with a price; one of toeing the line on some regulation or other.

Part of the problem here is that once a government agency is established, it is all but impossible to shut it down. Take the EPA for example. It can be fairly argued that there was a need for the EPA, when it was founded by President Nixon in 1970. But since then, the majority of the work that the EPA originally did has been taken over by state governments, leaving the bloated federal bureaucracy in place to spend taxpayer money and create stifling regulations.

The new House of Representatives seems to be making a greater push for the government to take over other parts of our economy as well. Some representatives have even gone so far as to float the idea of taking over major corporations, “for the good of the people.” Should this actually happen, it will be the sign that our country is actively being taken over by a communistic government.

If we keep doing that, we’re going to find ourselves backed into a corner; actually several corners. The first corner will be the elimination of our First Amendment freedom of speech. The “PC Police” are already at work on this, using “political correctness” and “hate speech” to silence those who don’t agree with them.

Totalitarian authority can’t handle disagreement, so they have to criminalize that disagreement in order to silence it. Everyone will be forced to toe the party line, saying what they’re supposed to say, as if they believe it. They won’t be satisfied with us being quiet, but rather insist that we say things their way.

Once they’ve accomplished that, it will be easier for them to take the next big roadblock to communism out of the way, our Second Amendment rights. Totalitarian governments must always disarm the people, so that they can keep control. As Mao Zedong, the first communist leader of China said, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Without guns, what can any of us do to stop anything the government wants to do? The Second Amendment was given to us for this purpose. If those in power are going to get the power that they want, they have to take it out of our hands. That’s why the gun grabbers always attacks the AR-15 rifle, rather than pistols or shotguns. You can’t fight a war with pistols; you need rifles for that. As long as we are armed with rifles, we are a danger to the totalitarian communist government they crave.

The real question boils down to what we are going to do when they come for our freedom of speech and our freedom to bear arms?

18 responses to “Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?”

  1. It is unsafe to try and make a difference. You can approach people and try to suggest a better way. They scorn you, lie about you, accost you, then call police and lie. When store cameras give an incomplete review of the situation then you are sited with a very serious charge.


    Fortunately we have a God who knows the truth and we will prevail at the second coming.


  2. No, America is not BECOMING socialist or communist either one. America already is BOTH. Stalin, Lenin and Marx could only dream of Russia becoming the Communist powerhouse that America has already become.
    Russia never had a classless, stateless society with infinite transfer payments and beauracracies on the scale that America has. Russia couldn’t afford it. They never tried to hide their communism under the illusion of freedom and liberty and thus were never able to get the people to produce a successful welfare state with endless capital for the state to drain off to its own benefit. Russia never had a federal reserve bank in England to print fake money and tax it’s people at will and beyond their ability to pay.
    In short, taxes in America doubled the next year after women got the right to vote.
    That’s when Communism really started to accelerate the downfall of America.


  3. What are we going to do ? Quite literally, shoot them. If they come to take what is not theirs, it means they have declared war upon the people and we won’t just stand there like zombies ready to be incinerated, we’ll take action with bullets.

    Remember my friends, if they believe can picked off one by one, they’ll continue to do their dirty work, but if we ban together, loaded for bear as a true millitia, they will back off, or take us on which will be their deadly mistake.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thats why its critical to have plans set up in each area whee you reside to take on these communists even at the local level, they must all be eliminated or we will all be at there hands along with our wives and children. they will behead all of us and that’s why the Islamics dogs are here to do there dirty work when they are called upon.


      1. BILL I hope you all realize THE MUZZIES ARE HERE BY INVATION TO DO EXACTLY THAT, kill morons who aren’t ready or their blind, and their all traitors in the government,TOP TO BOTTOM,THEY’VE all taken BRIBES from the ISP’s on the internet,and their nothing they won’t do to save themselves from a TREASON TRIAL..MY FRIEND THE LORD says a FLASE FLAG EVENT IS COMING and it looks like a nuke will be set off somewhere maybe a few of them


    2. Antifa & the SJW pouring out of colleges remind me of the Khmer Rouge. They use the same tactics surrounding & shouting down anyone who contradicts them in even the most trivial way. They are completely impervious to logic or empirical evidence. If what’s going on in Venezuela can’t convince them their ideas are insane is anything we say going to make a difference? Communism & it’s more “moderate” variants liberalism & socialism are religious beliefs based on faith. The differences between liberalism socialism & communism are theoretically superficial practically it is only a matter of time. Ultimately the question can only be settled through violence.


  4. Civil war is inevitable. I intend to defend the Republic. My Oath was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…..

    I will use lethal force to defend the Republic.


  5. McCarthy was right.


  6. Amen! Bring it on mofo!


  7. Then we do what our founding fathers did with no regret. And when we win we make sure it never ever happens again even if we have to exile people.


  8. THE reason america has fallen is because THERE ARE TO FEW MEN,90% of the people are as yellow as a banana,and yes they will come for the guns,THEY ALL READY ARE,treason is a crime that has become Fashionable,THERES NOT A POLICIAN IN OFFICE who hasn’t sold out the country to a large corporation,(CENTURY LINK) for example..,the money is buying up the country,AND none of them are in fear,THEY have the police gangs and military to protect them,and they know americans love to suck these guys off…THIS will be their death,in a fema death camp..and NO ONE believes it….YOUR COUNTRY IS ALREADY GONE….


  9. Some will fight. Some will run and hide. It doesn’t matter what either do. If you are Christian, then you might know what is going on, and all you can do is get through it. Defend yourself and others.


  10. We were the 1st country on Earth to become Socialist under Teddy Roosevelt – look at his actions & Understand He Was a Socialist – Mussolini patterned himself after Teddy Boy & “Improved” upon it. What about FDR? Forget All Organized Governments, “Religions” & Large Corporate Entities they are ALL Designed to benefit the Few at the Expense of the Many.


  11. What we are going to do when they come for our freedom of speech and our freedom to bear arms?

    Yell at them and shoot them!


    1. I will most likely eliminate them when the time comes and that goes for the young ones also in the universities, they have been to badly brain damaged by the media, our government and there Marxist professors, so many like me will just put them out of there misery only after we get rid of the media enemies first.


    2. we will just have to kill all of them or they will kill us and rape our wives and children, this is what Marxists and radical sodomites/lesbians/transgenders do , they were promised the booty of the country by the demonrats when called upon to begin the rampage. when it comes and if is see anyone with a face mask on calling themselves antifa or BLM they will be the first to be put down only after the all the media is put down.


  12. Simple answer,WE KILL THEM!


  13. Shoot, Communicate, move on up! Thats what we do…


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