Preparing now, to deal with illness, disease, and injury, by adding fish antibiotics to your stockpile, is one more way to tip the odds in your favor when SHTF

One of the major issues many preppers face in preparing for a grid down or SHTF scenario is what to do about illnesses, infections, and injuries that are bound to happen. The world will be in chaos. Doctors and pharmacies will be overrun quickly. Public services will be overwhelmed or possibly shut down entirely.

Preparing now, to deal with illness, disease, and injury, by adding fish antibiotics to your stockpile, is one more way to tip the odds in your favor when SHTF. In truth, fish antibiotics for survival is a pretty controversial topic. There are some who believe it to be insanity. But others swear that fish antibiotics can save human lives. You’ll ultimately have to decide for yourself, all I can provide is information to help you decide.

Your first line of defense is, of course, prevention. But you won’t be able to wrap yourself or loved ones in a bubble to keep them from getting sick or injured when SHTF.

Luckily, many symptoms of illnesses, injuries, and diseases can be treated with standard first aid supplies that are readily available and easy to stockpile. Still others can be treated or healed with readily accessible medicinal herbs and plants that can be foraged or cultivated.

Serious Bacterial Infections Require Antibiotics

But if you or a loved one gets a tooth abscess, comes down with a respiratory bacterial infection, or ends up with an infected wound, what will you do? Serious bacterial infections require antibiotics and without them, you or your loved one could die. For many people, this fear leads to stockpiling antibiotics, just in case.

You can ask your regular physician to prescribe an extra ten or 14 days worth of penicillin perhaps. But one extra dose of antibiotics isn’t much. And one type of antibiotic isn’t a cure all for the many different infections you could get. In today’s world, physicians increasingly fear resistance to antibiotics and therefore are limiting the times and frequency with which they will prescribe antibiotics.

There aren’t any physicians who will prescribe you large amounts of several different types of antibiotics so you can keep them in your stockpile. This has made it difficult for preppers to stockpile antibiotics and store them for a SHTF scenario.

So what can you do? How can you get antibiotics without a prescription so you can stockpile them for the future? More and more people are considering fish antibiotics as a potential solution.

Keep reading for more information on the benefits of fish antibiotics. We’ll explain some of the mystery in fish antibiotics, how to choose the right fish antibiotics, and give you some suggestions on where to buy fish antibiotics for your stockpile.

Do Fish Antibiotics Really Cure Bronchitis in Fish?

If you had fish as a kid you probably remember having to treat their water with medicine at some point during their short life span. That treatment was likely an antibiotic in the forms of drops or powder designed for fish and made to be absorbed through their skin. As an adult, you have heard preppers talking about taking fish antibiotics and you’ve maybe even clicked a link or two and thought about buying some yourself. But have you ever wondered why fish antibiotics come in pill form? Fish can’t take pills, can they?

If you read some of the reviews for fish antibiotics on Amazon, you might get confused by the comments about “fish” getting bronchitis the week before a new job or having infected gums and being cured with fish mox pills. But don’t worry, fish don’t really get bronchitis or infected gums. These are actual people posting reviews of fish antibiotics and referring to their loved ones or themselves as “fish”. In fact, many people buy fish antibiotics because they are cheaper than prescription antibiotics.

Can Humans Use Fish Antibiotics?

The short answer is yes, humans can and do use fish antibiotics. In fact, there’s a growing trend, especially in America, of humans buying fish antibiotics for their own ailments. It’s a common practice for preppers. In reality, manufacturers know this, which is why they are making fish antibiotics in pill form and selling them. They know they are walking a fine legal line which is why it’s so difficult to find solid information on fish antibiotics for humans.

Many preppers do buy different types of fish antibiotics in large quantities over time and add them to their survival stockpile as a way of getting around needing a prescription for antibiotics. But if you’re going to use fish antibiotics or any other animal antibiotics, you must do your research, understand that there ARE risks involved, and be sure what you’re getting is what you believe it is.

Why Use Fish Antibiotics?

It’s ALWAYS more advisable to see a doctor and be properly diagnosed and treated whenever possible. That said, the reasons people use fish antibiotics are varied and include:

  • You can buy fish antibiotics without a prescription which makes them easier to stockpile than prescribed antibiotics.
  • If you stockpile fish antibiotics now, you can have the ability to treat infections and other illnesses post-SHTF when doctors and pharmacies are inaccessible.
  • Typically, fish antibiotics are cheaper to buy than prescription antibiotics.
  • Some people just really don’t like or trust doctors and would rather treat themselves.

How to Choose Fish Antibiotics for Survival

Once you decide you want to try fish antibiotics, the dilemma then becomes how to choose the right antibiotics for your needs. Just like antibiotics for humans, there are different kinds of fish antibiotics. It’s really important to get the antibiotic that will work for the type of infection you have and will be absorbed the right way and to the right location. So, the first place to start is to know what kind of bacterial infection you have or as much as you can about what it is so you can choose the fish antibiotic that is best.

The single best way to know what kind of bacterial infection you have is to visit the doctor and be diagnosed with a lab test. But when SHTF, this probably won’t be possible. So in a survival scenario, you will have to determine for yourself if taking the wrong fish antibiotic is worth the risk. In most cases, taking the wrong antibiotic won’t kill you directly but it can lead to death if the right treatment isn’t taken quickly.

All pharmaceutical antibiotics for humans are required to be imprinted and coded. Fish antibiotics in pill form also have to be coded and imprinted. Do not take ANY pills that are blank or do not have a legible imprint and code. Use this pill identifier to make certain you have the fish antibiotics that you think. USP certified and pharmaceutical grade labels can not be relied upon when it comes to fish antibiotics, so be cautious of false promises.

Most Commonly Taken Antibiotics Include:

  • Penicillin 500 mg – look for Fish Pen Forte
  • Amoxicillin 500 mg- is called Fish Mox

Additional Choices:

  • Ciprofloxacin 500 mg – Fin Flox
  • Ampicillin 250 mg- order Fish Cillin
  • Cephalexin 500 mg-Fish Flex Forte
  • Clindamycin 150 mg-Fish Cin
  • Metronidazole 500 mg- Fish Zole

Since I’m not a physician, I cannot give you advice about your medical situation. So, I won’t get into which antibiotic should be taken for different kinds of infections. You’ll need to determine what kind of infection you have and then research which human antibiotic and dosage is appropriate. Once you know the human type of antibiotic, dosage, and length of treatment is needed, you can have a pretty good idea which fish antibiotics to buy for your stockpile by looking at the above lists.

But honestly, in a SHTF situation, if you take nothing, you die from infection, so having some of these on hand to try could just save your life.

My recommendation is to find a physician NOW who will work with you so that instead of using antibiotics from the pharmacy, you can try the equivalent in fish antibiotics now. This will help you to know which antibiotics to choose and will let you experiment while medical supervision and emergency help is still available if things go awry.

Where Can I Buy Fish Antibiotics

One of the most common questions people ask me about fish antibiotics for survival, is “where can I buy fish antibiotics?” One of the key things is that you do you research on your own and buy from a reputable manufacturer. I recommend purchasing online and that you do not buy from Craig’s List, EBay, etc.

One of the most trusted brands for fish antibiotics in the prepping community is ThomasLabs. This is where my own research led me and this is the only source I will buy from. There are tons of companies that offer ThomasLabs brand fish antibiotics. But you still must do your own research, then check the pills you receive using the pill identifier once they arrive. There are no regulations on fish antibiotics so USP and Pharmaceutical grade labels can be misleading.

Warnings About Using Fish Antibiotics for Prepping


Taking the wrong dosage or the wrong type of antibiotic can be dangerous. In addition, taking medication that isn’t what you believe it is or which has other ingredients or fillers, can cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Storage of Fish Antibiotics

Just like prescription antibiotics and OTC medications, fish antibiotics can be susceptible to improper storage conditions. Make sure that you follow all manufacturer instructions for properly storing your fish antibiotics. Rotate what you have so that your freshest medication is in your stockpile.


If you have a viral or parasitic issue going on, and not a bacterial infection, antibiotics won’t help. Whenever possible, you should be diagnosed by a physician who can advise you as to the proper type of human antibiotic, dosage and course of treatment so you can find the equivalent in fish antibiotics.

Antibiotic Resistance

Using antibiotics when you don’t really need them increases resistance, something scientists believe is the reason for the increase in antibiotic-resistant superbugs. If you stop taking the fish antibiotics before the recommended course of treatment is over, you risk that infection lying dormant and coming back even stronger and more resistant. It’s just as important to take fish antibiotics for the full course of treatment as it is for prescribed antibiotics.

Risk of Using Fish Antibiotics

Fish antibiotics are not FDA approved for human consumption. There is risk associated with using any animal antibiotics for humans as they are not regulated. Some manufacturers add fillers and additives to their fish antibiotics which are not safe for humans to ingest. Fillers and additives can also interact with other medications you may be taking or cause you to have an allergic reaction.

What Else Is Out There?

In addition to adding fish antibiotics to your survival stockpile, research and identify what else is out there that can help you keep yourself and your family alive if you get sick or hurt in a survival situation. Consider not only stockpiling fish antibiotics but also stocking up on OTC medications, and growing or foraging for medicinal plants and herbs that can be made into tinctures and ointments for use when needed.

Another little known fact is that studies have shown that many people don’t get sufficient vitamins and minerals in their diets. In fact, many people could be suffering from various ailments including fatigue, weak bones, and a weakened immune system right now because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Without the proper level of minerals and vitamins, your body cannot function the way it’s supposed to work.

Consider ways to add the following vitamins and minerals to your diet both now and if you find yourself in a SHTF or survival situation:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Sulfur
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C

Have you considered using or stockpiling fish antibiotics for survival? Are you already using fish antibiotics or other natural remedies to treat pain or other illnesses? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

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